Lots of auto glass repair shops that do other specialties like window tinting,  home and commercial glass repair, are not always up to date when it comes to windshield replacement.
Windshield replacement today has a lot to do with the crash test they preform on your vehicle before hitting the road for sale. The safety standards of your windshield installation today require that your windshield is to have a urethane bonding system to your vehicles pinch weld, this system combines the windshield strength to part of the vehicles structure. If someone is to miss a few important steps on the newer automobile, than later down the road your windshield can become a problem. Common problems on a windshield replacement these days is rust, and being this close to the beach don’t help these situations.

What causes this rust to start is getting those cheap windshield replacements done, when a windshield gets replaced sometimes you may scratch the paint under the windshield upon removal.
I you don’t address the scratch with the proper care, the next time it rains these areas behind the windshield will rust. A rusty pinch weld is a week pinch weld, eventually that rust will creep under the urethane bond and cause the windshield to leak. Whenever CPR Auto Glass Repair runs into one of these rusty pinch-weld problems we like to wire wheel it out and apply some rust inhibitor then finish it with some pinch-weld primer on the to prevent the rust to come back and help the windshield to seal properly to the automobile. When it comes to Windshield Replacement or Chip Repair we have you covered on your Auto Glass Replacement weather or not you are looking for Auto Glass in Brooklyn Queens Manhattan long Island the Bronx or Staten Island it’s worth the trip to come see us, or we offer Used Auto Part Shipping to your location.

Besides The Best Windshield and Auto Glass Replacement we offer Chip Repair to save you money and make your windshield like brand new at half the cost of replacement. China Good Quality Automobile Glass Replacement, Automotive Electrical Terminals and Polyurethane Sealant International Trade Site. You may not know your windshield even has rust under it for years, maybe not until its time to replace your windshield again.

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