Robert Ancell mocked up an animated 3D greeter theme for LightDM a few weeks ago, basically as a proof of concept. The layout of the login screen is controlled by the greeter package (plugin) for LightDM; the default with the left-side layout is unity-greeter.
I had an intention of changing to GDM logi, but I am further more interested in changing the location of the pass word field. Though the tutorial at the link you gave says that, it will teach the ways to edit everything from grub menu to the desktop environment, it just teaches the grub tutorial, and also it is updated. Whilst this may theoretically answer the question, it would be preferable to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference.
Is “get + person’s name + ed” a common usage in English to mean “become the person like somebody”? Did Donald Trump make campaign contributions to Attorneys General who then decided not to prosecute him? How many coconut trees would be necessary to support a single, middle-aged human on a deserted island? What would iron-age tools and weapons be like if they were redesigned with modern metallurgy? This feature has yet to appear in the current implementation rocking out in the Ubuntu beta, but, to sate the appetite of the customisation connoisseurs, here’s a quick-and-dirty way to set your own background. My tip: Set it to the same image as your desktop wallpaper for a seamless-looking login experience. Hit save, close the text editor window and log out of your session – You’ll now see your custom LightDM background in use! The app lets you specify and image file or colour for the background, as well as tweaking the logo that is displayed to the bottom of the login screen.

To create the illusion of a seamless login set the Login background to the same image as your desktop wallpaper.
After considering it for a while, I finally decided to install GNOME onto my Ubuntu 14.04 system to give it a play and see if I it was worth switching to Ubuntu GNOME. After looking around, I found that the way to change it to GNOME's new lockscreen is by changing from LightDM to GDM. If you wait long enough at the purple dots screen, the TTYs should have started up, and you can switch to one of those using Ctrl-Alt-F2. That specifies the default session, which doesn't change what a user who has logged in previously gets. Would a full body diamond armor and sword guarantee survival and victory against a medieval battalion?
I was wondering if anyone knows how I could add a top panel to the Numix lightdm login theme? When making any tweaks you can save over the same png file and your login Greeter image will be updated with that. You just need to edit a configuration file and set the path to the image that you want to use as the login screen background. You can also change the logo that is displayed at the bottom left of LightDM login screen by editing the 'logo' entry in the same file. I would like to know is it possible to change the location of the password field in the login screen ? Note that you will have to re-apply your patches and recompile whenever a new version of unity-greeter is released. Imagine the linked site goes down for maintenance or forever - your answer would become worthless.

And when I restarted my PC its showing an error The system is running in low graphics mode. If like me you’re only interested in changing the background you can ignore the bottom option entirely.
Everything seems to be fine (after a little fiddling) and very user-friendly, but I'm not very pleased with the lockscreen (this kind of thing). When I do this, however, the system gets stuck at the purple "Ubuntu with dots underneath it" splash screen. I've went through the LightDM documentation and saw a related question, but I still can't make it work (I tried to switch both to xmonad and i3). Did you try manually selecting the session from the menu next to your username (usually a gear icon)? However, once a user has already logged, the session they used (even if it was the default left unchanged) is taken as their session choice. In the original theme there's no panel and it's really hard to see the time and date as well as the session icons. I can boot normally by changing back to LightDM, but that doesn't solve the initial problem. To add degrees of transparency to the bar, click on the Opacity bar at the top of the Layers window. They'll have to manually select the session from the menu next to their username (usually a gear icon).

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