E46 (1999 - 2006) The fourth generation 3 Series (E46 chassis) was introduced in 1999 and set the standard for engineering and performance during it's years of production including being named to Car & Driver's 10 best list every one of those years!
Please read the suggested threads and add value, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person stands on your shoulders. However if you go to the dealer, just the module itself is often quoted at over $1,200, so,it behooves the E46 owner to be armed with the proper information.
Pins 30 and 31 are specified in the DIY diagnosis which weren't the correct pins for my rear right sensor.
So, to rectify that, this thread is opened to obtain the pinout for the various E46 owners. Note: The pinout for the four wheel speed sensors on the ABS control module harness is likely Bosch control module version specific as the E46 uses multiple control modules. The question here, is what is the wheel speed sensor pinout for the various E46 ABS control module harness connectors? And, this chart (with my E39 highlighted) shows the various control modules used for the E46.
For the record, the trifecta (or bifecta) is a common failure in the E46 - so it behooves us to find the pinout for the various Bosch control modules used in the E46. In addition to the E46 wiki, I read every single E46 thread that mentioned the trifecta in the title, and NONE (unfortunately) provided the pinout.
Note: The PDFs also confirms that there are 3 wires for the front sensor (confirmed on my front sensors) and only two in the rear (need to confirm on my car). Given the position of the ABS connector, it might not be easy to identify the pin numbers on the module or to gain access to it since the connector faces the firewall.
After following your thread, presuming the bosch dsc III 5.7 had same pins no matter what, i found errors in all 4 readings.

Pin outs for bosh dsc III 5.7 on 2002 325xi are same as blues except for right rear wheel speed sensor. When I said the pin out wasn't correct I was talking about the harness under the hood where all of the points come together and plug into the ABS module. However would like to give it a shot if you can assist me with step by step procedure to be followed to remove and check what parts, etc. Read this article on lighting tips for your hallway to learn how you can implement some of these ideas.Hallways are one of the most overlooked areas in many homes when it comes to adequate lighting. I have a 02 325i and have all three lights in dash whih come up in a few mins of cranking and starting the car. Before considering hallway lighting, it’s a great thought to examine the hallway surfaces. Look at the finish on the walls and the ceiling as well as the type and color of the floor. On the off chance that the different surfaces retain light (that is, they are darker colors), you may need to consider repainting the dividers and the roof with lighter, more intelligent colors.
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