Some of the most popular cellular devices on the market today are the iPhone 4 and 4S models. Supplies#00 Phillips or 5-point pentalobe screwdriverReplacement panelLinks to both of the parts and tools are available at the bottom of this article. So if you run into an accident, visit your local Apple Store before trying out the waters on Craigslist.
Gary, did they replace the philips screws with the new pentalobes when they replaced the back? That is interesting because when I went to my Apple Store a few months ago in Ottawa, they replaced the back of my iPhone 4 for free.
Yea well imho making a phone outta glass is an assinine idea anyways because of the exact situation as stated in this post (and by others who have shared similar experiences). When i drive i usually keep my phone between my legs and forget about it, so when i get up it falls. Actually if it’s your first time and you break the front glass they will replace the ENTIRE phone for free.
I actually called Apple after the back glass of my iPhone 4 shattered, and they informed me it would be $150. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When the iPhone 4 design first came out, the glass back panel was a bit of gimmick, but since then it seems that some users are fed up with it and therefore have covered it up with a sticker or something. However, why put a sticker over the glass panel, when you can completely replace it with wood! Material6 was created by Matt Turner and Randy Lively – two Apple enthusiasts with over 30 years of custom fabrication expertise to enhance the already near-perfect iPhone 4 experience. Now start to remove the wireless charger, be careful because in this part the copper part is thinner than the antenna part. When the iPhone 4 launched in June this year, one of the talking points about the new model was the material used for the glass panel. However, folks at iFixyouri had refuted these claims back then by demonstrating that the glass panel was in fact susceptible to shock and sudden impact. The susceptibility of the glass back to scratches and cracks has brought in some really interesting solutions.
Replacing the back panels should be incredibly easy – You have to remove the two screws on either side of the Dock connector port, replace the glass back with the metal plate and secure the screws back.
I think it makes it look more like the original iPhone… I liked the brushed metal look.
Just bought one, will install on my iphone when it shows up from the repairer 8( Whish I had seen this before sending it away.

Im also going to investigate getting it anodized gloss black if I end up not liking the silver. Did anyone had any issues with signal, I just got my back plate shuttered and want to know if replacing it with this metal plate will cause any issues with the signal. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
Seeing as they are made of glass, it's not uncommon for the back panel to break.Also, with the popularity being so high, you might just be looking for a way to set your device apart. Even though it’s Corning Gorilla Glass that engulfs both sides of the iPhone 4, an awkward impact can shatter your phone. It was during the time when they first cane out and people were lined up around the building to get one. You can get a complete iPhone 4 Front screen (Retina LCD + Digitizer + Install Tools) for about $50 on Ebay with FREE shipping. I contacted someone on Kijiji and they wanted $40 which at the time I thought was also very reasonable. Yes these wood panels from Material 6 come with a special screwdriver that helps the user replace the glass with this nice looking wooden panel, what it does for reception though is not yet known. The company was built out of a desire to enhance what they felt was an astounding and functional design that nonetheless lacked a certain warmth and durability that only organic materials can provide.
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Steve Jobs had noted in his keynote speech that the front and back panels of the new iPhone 4 was made of aluminosilicate glass that has been chemically strengthened to be 30 times harder than plastic. More recently, there were reports that suggested that the slide-on cases that are distributed by third party accessory manufacturers had a tendency to gather dirt between the glass back panel and the case causing scratches and also shattering of the rear pane in some cases. Hong Kong based CNN (Cellular Nationwide Network) is selling a new metal backplate that can replace the iPhone 4 glass back panel with a really good-looking aluminium alternative though I must admit I really like the glass back panel, one of the primary reasons for settling for the iPhone 4 bumper. If however you still keep the original back glass and in case of any problem, all you need to is is put the original one back in, take it to the store and get it replaced (if servicing is needed that is). This option does not void your warranty as long as you keep the original plate incase you need it serviced. I think the beveled shape will make it easier to work our which way round it is in my pocket now without looking, so I can keep the screen.
If you have had the unfortunate luck of cracking your iPhone's rear glass panel, this could be your opportunity to kill two birds with one stone!The photos in this guide were taken while I was switching out my OEM panel for a clear panel.
The damage to the back of my iPhone 4 was much more severe than the damage of the one shown above.

So far in my opinion the glass has been doing great, i cant imagine what i would have to do to physically crack it. A I was going to go the self-repair route, but I found out they will do a courtesy replacement one time only. People I know have the resources and knowledge to replace it for me, however it would void the warrenty and me? I have a white iPhone 4s from Norway that will be unlocked in about a month that I want to sell, but the back glass is cracked. The only tampering detection apple currently has is a sticker placement on the processor\battery. I wasn’t able to get the specific plate shown here, but Amazon had a selection that was similar, and some completely flat ones too. He has also written for Wired, Playboy, Boing Boing, Popular Mechanics, VentureBeat, and Gizmodo. In the photo below, the 5-point pentalobe is on the top and the #00 Phillips on the bottom.Once the screw type has been determined, obtain a proper driver and get ready for the next step. I handed over my phone to the genius, and five minutes later, my iPhone 4 was back in my hands with a brand spankin’ new back panel. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Finally a nice employee asked if she could help me, must have thought I was scopeing the joint. A About a month before that I broke the back, which they quickly replaced for free as well.
You can follow him here on Twitter.Deals of the DaySee all deals Facebook commentsRobert Thomasyea sounds great before the shipping charge from china. Once they realized they forgot about me I got the very next bar opening and walked out with 2 new phones 10 minutes later. Just make sure to change it back to the original before going into apple if you experience any problems.
He told me the screen normally costs $250 to replace, but he was going to, “cut me a break today”!

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