Pennsylvania Ave Exxon–the neighborhood one-stop that you already trust for all your foreign and domestic auto care needs–is also a custom car wash and auto detailing specialist?
Walk-ins (drive-ins) are welcome, Monday through Saturday, but appointments are highly recommended. A custom car cleaning at Pennsylvania Ave Exxon is meticulously done by hand with the kind of care that you won’t find at any automated car wash. One of our specialties.  We will take your classic car and fully restore it focusing on every detail. However this is often not the case as many people will just leave it up to their insurance agent to choose their policy, frequently agreeing to it on price alone.
Homeowner’s Insurance policies should be carefully selected, with attention to detail. When purchasing a Homeowner’s Insurance policy you need to understand exactly what it covers.
Revisit your policy every couple of years, particularly if you have made improvements to the property. While it is tempting to bump up your deductible to keep your payments lower, never raise a deductible to a level that is too high for you to comfortably pay. Being a vehicle owner in the state of Oklahoma carries with it a specific set of responsibilities.
Every year it is recommended that facility and property managers conduct an exterior lighting evaluation to ensure the lighting is working properly and installed where you need it the most. Here are four things to consider when determining if your parking lot lighting is up to par.
If your parking lot must be illuminated throughout the night or for long periods of time, then energy efficiency is a must. Switching out dead bulbs for new ones takes not only time but will cost money too, especially if the bulbs are hard to reach. Parking lots are great places for criminals to lay and wait – the darker the parking lot, the better.

If you need your exterior lighting maintained or replaced, contact us at Capital City Electrical and our team of Master Electricians will perform a thorough lighting inspection to review your exterior lighting options. Mercedes-AMG is showing off its latest racer at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, with the naturally aspirated AMG GT-based GT3.
Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline. Interior surfaces are varied and require knowledgeable and careful cleaning techniques to maximize each vehicle’s  life.
We'll either confirm the appointment or suggest a different option if the slot you asked for isn't available.
This is unfortunate because often the only time people realize they do not have enough coverage is when it is too late.
Should something devastating like a fire or tornado destroy everything, you need to know you will be able to rebuild back to where you were, not feel like you are starting all over again.
Your agent may need to inspect your home to see that the work was completed correctly or to assess the new value. After an incident occurs, the last thing you will want to deal with is not being able to afford to repair or replace your losses.
If you have an older facility, chances are your outdoor security lighting is inadequate and may need to be replaced. Well-lit parking lots, sidewalks, and back door areas are deterrents of crime and vandalism and on average have fewer car accidents and physical injury incidents. You may consider replacing conventional lighting with LED lighting to rake in the cost savings and the low maintenance benefits.
One sure way to reduce your lighting costs is to consider using other lighting options that are not only energy efficient but last much longer.
Although most crimes are less likely to happen in and around businesses, you can take steps to make sure criminals know they will have no dark places to hide. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination.

The value of your home will change with time, the inventory inside the home will increase and building material prices fluctuate wildly from one year to the next. A separate flood insurance policy should be purchased if your home is in a flood zone or a wind policy if you live somewhere where high winds are known to batter the property. If you are covered, have your agent review your policy to be certain you have the right one for your needs. Shorter daylight hours, during daylight savings time, introduce the possibility that your employees will be arriving to darkened parking lots and leaving under the guise of dim lights. An exterior lighting consultation with Capital City Electrical is a great way to review your current lighting system and if it is meeting your lighting needs. Studies for residential areas have shown that by having well-lit sidewalks and parking areas crime can decrease as much as 90%! The Detailing Specialists at Penn Exxon understand what you want, what you expect, and what it takes to meet a exceptional standard of excellence, every single time. So, it only seems true that one of the most important decisions any homeowner can make is purchasing homeowner’s insurance. These are two simple questions you can ask yourself to figure out if it is time to invest in more exterior lighting.
One sign of unbalanced lighting is extremely bright areas in some spots, but very dark areas in other spots.
If you had a hard time seeing, it is safe to assume that your employees and customers will have a hard time navigating in the dark as well. Walking into unlit streets is a safety hazard as cars leaving parking areas may not see employees or customers exiting the building.

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