Before I start, I normally soak my fingers in some warm water, push back my cuticles, and file my nails into a smooth and pretty shape. Remove the tacky layer from your nails by spraying from your alcohol bottle or using an alcohol soaked cotton ball or pad.
After you’ve removed the tacky layer, you are ready to add whatever nail polish you want!
FYI: If you are brand new to shellac, I would recommend getting it done at least once in a salon just to observe and see what they do. ANYWAYS – here is a how to on doing a shellac manicure and using regular nail polish (which I do alllll the time).
If, like me, you are planning on using regular nail polish as your shellac color – apply a layer of top coat to your nails after you have let the base coat sit for 10 seconds under the lamp. Some time ago in the field of nail creativity have a unique novelty – gel nail shellac, which has solved the problem of decomposable manicure.
When Shellac only appeared and manicure masters have not yet had time to adapt to the new material, it was believed that with the help of Shellac impossible to create any original design of nails. Palette gel-lacquers shellac presents 51 shade, which range from light translucent up bright and rich colours. No wonder nail design with shellac is now so popular, because by gel lacquer you can execute any original and eye-catching manicure, but to keep it, unlike a regular manicure be several times longer.

After it has dried, redo steps 3 and 4 (add another layer of top coat, let dry under UV lamp for 2 minutes, remove tacky surface with alcohol) Also, if you get a bit of polish on your skin (like I do in the picture above) you can easily remove it with regular nail polish remover (don’t use acetone unless you want to soak off your gel nails completely). So, you know in When Harry Met Sally when Harry is telling Sally that she is high maintenance but thinks she is low maintenance?
After it has dried, remove the tacky layer from your nails with an alcohol soaked cotton ball (or non-fluffy-leaving-soakable-thing). Shellac – coating and it combines properties and varnish, and gel nail, which provides super sustainable application (up to 4 weeks), as well as a beneficial effect on the structure of the nail.
Over time masters learned to use the gel-lacquers, and found that coverage shellac nail design does not deny it.
What else is good shellac, is that combining the various shades of overlaying one to another, you can easily get a new bright colors, the total amount of which comes to 216.
For the most commonly used acrylic water-based paint that is put directly on a coloured coating shellac, after which overlaps the top reinforcing coating. Make sure before you put them under the lamp that the coating isn’t on your skin, or shaped funny. Make sure before you put them under the lamp, that the coating isn’t on your skin, or shaped funny. Shellac is absolutely harmless and safe for nails, moreover, producers stated that such a gel nail can benefit nails do not contain harmful substances, but also acts as a nail sort of protection, barrier from the damaging nails factors.

For example, to make a «lunar» manicure as follows: apply a base coat to dry it in the UV lamp, apply the basic color cover, dry again. Some nail polish brands last longer than others – but I am always happy with how my nails look for at least two weeks after using shellac.
It sets pretty hard onto your nails in just 10 seconds, so make sure it looks good before cooking it on! I totally don’t think that I am high maintenance about it, but I would (and have) pay to get a manicure every two weeks!
After that you need to draw at the base of the nail «moon» contrast tint, dry and apply to the entire nail the top floor.If in nail design with shellac add a bit of glitter, you get feast option. I made a quick little video (first time using iMovie, don’t hate) to show the process as well as explaining the steps below. To achieve this effect, covered with shellac nails before polymerization in the UV lamp put sequins, gently drive in them in the floor and put under ultraviolet light. Instead sequin you can use rhinestones, perfectly to keep with the help of the upper surface.

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