Face-Fixing SystemOur aluminium system for side-fixing balustrade and pool fence glass reflects the trend for clean, flush surfaces, continuous sightlines and square edges. Fixings are concealed beneath a slim profile aluminium cover plate which can be colour powder coated to blend with the building structure.
We recommend that you contact the Richmond Glass team in the design stage so that we can offer advice on the best way to approach your project. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing: A frameless glass fence serves a vital safety role in the home and Clear Glass Solutions has the glass and fittings that will make your fence an attractive valuable asset to the home.
Clear Glass Solutions are glass and stainless steel fittings suppliers for many commercial pool fence installers throughout Australia. Clear Glass Solutions do not recommend anyone attempt to install a glass pool fence unless suitably trained and qualified to do so. A frame-less glass fence from Clear Glass Solutions does more then adds a protective barrier to protect your children.

That being said, the good news is that for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge owners is that your battery replacement isn’t too expensive.This is according to a Samsung spokesperson who confirmed to the folks at PCMag that a replacement battery for either handset will be priced at a somewhat reasonable $45. Our clients are contractors who provide written guarantees, have qualified installers and install to exceed Australian standards. We will do everything that we can to give you advice and assist you with the installation process.
Glass pool fencing is not a DIY product; however there are people who have the skills and ability to install their own fence. Frameless glass fencing is our specialty and we have the installers and capability to achieve anything. Glass spigots are manufactured from Stainless Steel 316 grade and are available in many versions including square, round, gold, satin and mirror finish. If you are looking for a pool fence manufactured from quality material and installed by qualified contractors, then give us a call.

If you have the competency to do so, we can supply you with everything that you need to achieve a quality fence that you will be proud off.
The spokesperson also confirmed that if your phone’s battery drops below 80% of its initial level during the year of its warranty, Samsung will replace it for free.
We are certain to have the solution that you are looking for at the right price every time.
Customers will just need to pay for the shipping charges themselves.The $45 price point also makes it cheaper than the $80 that Apple charges for an iPhone battery replacement, although it also makes it more expensive than the Galaxy S5’s battery which is $30, but then again there is extra work involved in removing a sealed-in battery.

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