This frightening picture of two brothers with their hair on end was snapped just minutes before they were struck by lightning at Moro Rock, California, leaving the younger boy with third-degree burns and another man dead.
As reported by NBC, John Jensenius, NOAA's lightning safety specialist, has publicized McQuilken's account of that fateful day on August 20, 1975. McQuilken wrote on his blog that when he raised his right arm in the air 'the ring I had on began to buzz so loudly that everyone could hear it.'Little did they know that these signs of electricity in the air should have been warnings to seek immediate shelter.
McQuilken, who is now a drummer and software designer, described the lightning hit as being engulfed 'in the brightest light I have ever seen,' similar in intensity to an arc welding light.
While Sean was lucky, the group then encountered a couple where a woman was desperately giving emergency aid to her husband, who had a 'small burn mark near his heart.'Tragically, this man, Lawrence Brady, didn't survive the strike.
McQuilken jokes that neither he nor his brother received any superpowers from the lightning strike, other than a greater respect for the elements and no desire to climb any peaks if there is any chance of a thunderstorm.Lightning can be beautiful, awe-inspiring, and fatal. The victim of a freak thunderstorm that sent terrified sun-seekers running from the water has been identified as 20-year-old University of Southern California student Nick Fagnano. Tragic: University of Southern California student Nick Fagnano (right) has been identified as the victim of a freak thunderstorm that hit Venice Beach on Sunday. CPR: Lifeguards prepare to move a victim of a lightning strike in Venice, California July 27, 2014. Personality:Raiga is the strong silent type, he only says the minimum amount of words needed and that's if he decides to talk at all. Incantation: Crown of the King, shatter the bones of the beast, let six hand place judgment on the wicked, as they bow in your honor. Bankai Description: Raiga's clothes are replaced with Azure blue samurai armor, Raiga's fore arms and fore legs are covered with tough azure blue scales with claws at the end of each finger and toe, and two azure blue wings with sharp metallic edges appear on his back for flight. Biography: Raiga was a skilled samurai in his past life, he fulfilled his duties with dignity and honor, right to the very end. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. This article describes the components of a two-line jet pump water system, what the components look like, and what they do.
We discuss how two-line jet pumps are selected, installed, jet pump troubleshooting, & repair procedures.
Refer to the illustration at above right, courtesy of Carson Dunlop and also to our rough sketch provided below to see the components providing well water to a building served by a two-line jet pump located apart from the well. The actual lift capacity will vary depending on the pump horsepower and other factors such as piping length, bends, diameter. A well bore of 4" in diameter or larger - regardless of the well's flow-rate we need enough space for the piping, well jet, and other components. A foot valve on the bottom of the jet assembly or on the end of a 34" tailpiece to avoid loss of prime.
At WATER PUMP CAPACITIES TYPES RATES GPM we compare the pumping capacities of one line jet pumps, two line jet pumps, submersible well pumps, and other water pumping methods. A two line jet pump refers to the observation that two pipes are connected between the jet pump and the well.
In our photo at left you can see the two black plastic lines leaving the front of the water pump. The requirement to have some water to send down to the well in order to bring a larger quantity of water back is why a two line jet pump can't provide any water or water pressure in a building if it loses its prime. Many well caps are not water tight, which is why modern drilled well casings extend above ground level. A "two-line" jet pump is shown outside of the well, either inside of the building or perhaps in a well pit or well house. You can see Carson Dunlop's sketch of a foot valve HERE [Image] and also at the end of this list.
Well Piping Tail Piece: some wells may contain a tailpiece at the end of the well piping - a device designed to prevent jet pump damage if well water falls too low.
After replacing the foot valve you should shock the well since you've probably contaminated it by laying your well piping and parts on the ground (and foot valves at the plumbing supplier are not kept in sterile containers). Some of the well pump troubleshooting suggestions in this list can be found at the Betta-Flo Jet Pump Installation Manualfrom the National Pump Co.
Be sure the proper size of wire is used for the ampacity and length of circuit; Test for low voltage to the building. Remove obstruction in impeller housing, inspect for and replace damaged impeller or frozen motor.
If the well recovery rate is too poor and the pump is operating at low water pressure, possibly because a tailpiece is installed to prevent air injection and pump burnup, the pump may be overheating. Install a valve on the water discharge line and reduce water flow to increase water pressure inside the pump itself. If the pump runs too often the cause may be a control problem, water tank problem, piping problem, or a well problem. If the pump won't turn off the cause may be a damaged pump control, a plumbing or fixture leak, or a well problem.
Watch out: If the pump motor won't shut off you should turn off electrical power to the pump to avoid damaging it, then diagnose the problem. I am planning on replacing my very old well pump, but I realized that my new pump has the larger diameter pipe coming into the top, whereas the old pump had the larger diameter pipe on the bottom. I took a look at your photo and will add it in this article above as well so that other readers may offer a suggestion (let me know if you do not want that action).
The face openings on the new Red Lion RJC-100 cannot be rotated, and indeed the inlet and outlet openings are reversed in position from your old pump.
If you want to use the new unit I suggest giving yourself adequate working space to make the necessary connections by moving the location of the new pump to one side - more or less as you have it positioned now, or elevating it a foot if needed as well. Before doing that, however I'd give the company's tech support a call or email to ask if in fact the face of the pump can in fact be rotated 180 OR if the pump can be installed upside down, as I agree that'd make piping simpler. Watch out: convertible jet pumps like the Red Lion RJC-100 (shown at above left) that can be swapped between a shallow well (typically from 25 ft) one-line jet pump to a deep-well two-line jet pump are typically capable of lifting (in the 2-line jet pump conversion) from a depth of about 90 feet.
A few one line jet pump models (such as the Matercraft one line jet pump shown at above right) advertise that they can lift from 70 feet, but if you take a closer look at the pump specifications you may find that although the pump can lift water from that depth its flow rate capacity in gallons per minute (GPM) may be significantly reduced. Red Lion, itself a company dating from 1935, has recently picked up the Little Giant pump brand that we've used for decades. You can use ABS piping and plastic elbows that may tolerate vibration with less leak risk; note that the manufacturer emphasizes that the pump should be securely mounted to a solid base. Continue reading at PUMP, TWO LINE JET OPERATION or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below. Try the search box below or CONTACT US by email if you cannot find the answer you need at InspectApedia. Joe, you could try inserting bleach into the pump priming chamber, but it would be a repeated process, tedious, and messy.

By following that procedure you'll also have an opportunity to wash down the well casing interior - a step that may make a big difference in clearing up your bacteria problem.
A plumber may be able to rig up a bleach feed onto the down-line into your 2-line jet pump well, but without access to thte well head you may have no idea of how much static head of water is in the well so the bleach quantity will be either a wild guess, or you'll send bleach down until you smell bleach coming out of a nearby faucet. Hello, In trying to determine why we have air in our pipes , I disconnected the water Pump from the pressuer tanks and thus the rest of the internal sysytem - when I turn the Jey Pump -( deep well - two lines ) the water is intermittent - for about 10 seconds strong flow and then just air , the n dribble then lots of flow- this leads me to think that the Pump itself is not drawing properly , as I think if it were aproblem with the foot Value in the well i would get little to no water. While watching the pressure gauge as the pump is running, which procedure is used to get the best pumping rate from a two pipe convertible deep well jet system? If your system keeps losing prime that's a good clue that there may be a bad foot valve (or a leak in well piping). I can't know where your well is located, but there are some common approaches starting by noticing where well piping exits the building, inspecting the site for places we would NOT put a well (like near a septic field), contacting well drillers to ask who drilled the well (often they have records of its location), inspecting the site for obvious clues (depressions, well casing visible above ground), and ultimately, using equipment to follow well piping. If inspecting the property itself does not disclose an above-ground, visible well casing and cap then you may have an older well whose casing top was left buried. If that doesn't come up with a sketch of well location, continue by calling all of the well drillers in your area to ask if one of them installed the well.
To access the foot valve you will have to remove the well pump and piping from the well cap at the top of the casing, then either get those bolts out or cut or break them in the process. A well driller would use one or more special grabbing tools to be darn sure not to drop the whole shebang down into the well in the course of trying to get the cap off. You can try but I'm doubtful, unless you can use a hoist connected to the well casing top to force-pull the whole top out of the well. Typically the ABS well piping extends to the foot valve that is the water pick-up point, itself some feet off the very bottom of the well. We have a 2 line system, just replaced the foot valve and now we cannot get the system to prime, the pump just keeps running. Indeed you've hit on a common and tough problem for which there is an industry of extraction tools to pull stuff out of wells. I would never dump toxic chemicals or acids into a well out of fear that I'd not flush the system adequately, would poison someone, or damage other equipment. There are two approaches we recommend for priming the pump - through the pump body or using a garden hose connected to a water source at a nearby building.
I suppose a pressure control malfunction might also be responsible but in my experience if no one was messing with the control a more likely control problem would be due to debris clogging of the control's sensor port - preventing it from properly sensing and responding to water pressure. Why would our bore just stop pumping water pump still works, plenty of water, just wont pump? I have a problem, water flow is great then flows to a trickle then back to full flow, when in trickle we get a whistling sound.
If the pump is able to sometimes deliver good pressure then the problem is more likely in a pump control or in a low-flow-rate well. The Water Ace Pump Company is a dynamic, rapidly growing retail pump manufacturer, backed by a tradition of over 125 years of excellence.
Spanish and French language submersible well pump installation manuals are available from the company.
Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore. Thunderstorms can be exciting to watch, especially from the safety of your warm, comfy couch.
At any moment in time, over 1,800 thunderstorms are occurring around the world-that's 16 million a year! Move to a sturdy building and stay away from the windows (don't take shelter in a shed, under isolated trees or in a convertible vehicle).
If a sturdy shelter is not available, get inside a hardtop vehicle, keep the windows up, and do not touch metal. Fact: Lightning often strikes outside of heavy rain and may occur as far as 10 miles away from any rainfall. Fiction: The rubber soles of shoes or rubber tires on a car will protect you from being struck by lightning. Fact: Lightning-strike victims carry no electrical charge and should be attended to immediately. Electrical charges in the atmosphere just before a strike can lift hair into the air, providing nature's last warning of a bolt from the blue.
He then remembers time slowing down, a sensation of weightlessness, and a deafening explosion.When he came round on the ground he realized his brother Sean had been struck by the lightning.
Between 1982 and 2011 an average of 54 Americans died a year as a result of lightning strikes.The numbers have been coming down in the last few years, many thanks to government education and safety work.
Authorities believe Fagnano was swimming in the water, near the 3200 block of South Ocean Front Walk around 2:30pm on Sunday, when the beach was hit with a surprise thunder storm. Above, emergency workers rush to help a man believed to have been struckSeven others were hospitalized including a surfer who remains in critical condition at Ronald Reagan UUCLA Medical Center.
Then boom.a€?Before anyone could think of taking cover there was this flash right in front of my face and out of the corner of my eye I see another huge bolt hitting elsewhere on the beach. Beniikazuchi (Crimson Thunder) - A beam of deep red lightning is blasted from the user's pointing finger towards the enemy.
Byakurai (c™?e›·, Pale Lightning) - The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger.
Tsuzuri Raiden (e????¬e›», Bound Lightning) - Electric current flows through any object the user touches and is able to lead electricity, damaging any target that is in contact with the object the current runs through. Roku Teikoku Touken (Six Imperial Swords) - Six swords made of light energy appear in the sky and crash down on the foe. Bakuhatsu no Chakudan (Detonating Impact) - Similar to the first blasting spell, Sudden Impact, this releases a blast of air from the hands of the caster, but instead of the 'normal' one, this one is huge in comparison and is supercharged with spirit energy, detonating on impact, thus the name. RaikA?hA? (e›·a??c‚®, Thunder Roar Cannon) - Fires a massive wave of yellow energy at a target. Fushibi (a??c?«, Ambush Flare) - A kido net that entangles the foe(s) that render them immobile, if a hado spell is use on the net it will result in a large explosion around the foe(s). Tsuriboshi (a?S??Y, Suspending Star) - Creates a star-shaped cushion of Spiritual Energy, which anchors it to nearby objects with "ropes" of spirit particles.
Enkosen (a††e–??‰‡, Arc Shield) - Summons a shield of condensed reiatsu to block opponents' attacks. Sokubaku (Shackles) - This demon art denies any and all movement of the targets arms and feets, binding them together at the back of the target's back. Hitoshirenu Rokkaku Nankan - It is a powerful barrier which can be placed upon a part of the body that leave a hexagonal mark on that body part.
After being caught in between battle between a shinigami captain and a hollow, Raiga was found and taken to the soul society.
Because some pump models are capable of developing internal pressures of more than 100 psi, if your building piping, pressure relief valves, safety controls, wiring, and plumbing are not properly installed, very dangerous conditions including electrical shock, tank explosion, and leaks or floods can occur.

If well water drops to an unsafe level the tailpiece recirculates water to keep the pump from running dry.
We need this clearance to reduce the tendency of the well pump to pick up mud and debris from the bottom of the well.
Replacing a foot valve in the well requires that the well be opened and the well piping be pulled out to permit removal of the old valve and installation of a new one.
If the air temperature is over 100 degF, the pump may be too hot and its thermal overload switch tripping because of the environment, not a pump problem. I don't have the space to plumb in on the opposite side of the well from where the current pump sits. You can tell me the brand and model of pump and we ought to be able to find the pump specifications and installation manual that will make that clear if you're missing those documents.
By removing the union and street-elbow at the well top and starting there you can make the necessary routing changes, routing the jet pump inlet and outlet lines to their destinations. The best approach is to open the well casing top, measure the size of the static head of the well (how much water is in the well when it is at rest) and then put the proper concentration of bleach directly into the well. Which should not be the end of the world in that you can replace the well casing top seal and will want to anyway. If you insist on doing it yourself, after you've dropped the pipe into the well, you can read about well pipe & tool retrieval tools here at InspectApedia, taking comfort in the fact that many dopes were way ahead of you in dropping stuff down the well.
But the well piping may be interrupted and joined by couplings or unions where it passes through the well casing top. They are usually in water wells with 4" casings and the injector (being nearly as large as the casing) becomes corroded to the point that it becomes almost impossible to pull the lines out to get to the foot valve.
That is, just extending a single line feeding water up to a higher-up tailpiece is unlikely to work.
If I can, please let me know the motor capacity for 175 feet (suction ) and 20 feet delivery.
We had the hose to pump fittings replaced, (leaking), Then a new pressure tank installed, a new foot valve, all by a plumber, I am thinking we need a new pump? It is more likely that you have a leak in the piping somewhere between the pump and the bottom of the well or a defective foot valve. We offer a complete line of sump, sewage, lawn sprinkler, swimming pool, submersible well and jet pumps as well as pressure tanks and accessories. By counting the seconds between the flash and the thunder and dividing by five, you can estimate your distance from the strike (in miles). Being struck by lightning can cause burns or nervous system damage, broken bones and loss of hearing and eyesight. However, the steel frame of a hard-topped vehicle provides increased protection if you are not touching metal.
These boys, 18 and 12, didn't know that, and the image has spread rapidly across the web this month.The story behind the classic 1975 picture has come to light on the blog of Michael McQuilken, the teenager on the right who had no idea that they were in terrible danger. In 2011 there were only 26 lightning deaths.As this story proves and the NOAA strictly advise, if your hair starts standing on end on the top of hill seek shelter immediately - you are in danger of a possibly fatal bolt from above. Lightning struck the water and the ensuing electrical surge knocked several swimmers and surfers unconscious. An autospy on Fagnano is still pending but LA County lifeguards say they don't believe either he or the other surfer took a direct hit from the lightning strike. Raiga is also a kind and well mannered individual but he will show little mercy towards those who use cheep and cowardly tricks against others.
The caster can activate this anytime after the mark has been placed, when the attack hits the barrier, a hexagonal shape appears taking 100% of all damage. When Raiga learned of the conflict between shinigami and hollows, he decided to put his sword skills to use again and entered the academy to become a shinigami himself. 2-Line jet pumps intended for deep well use and made by other manufacturers can be expected to have similar capacities. Would it be possible to remove the clamps on the black ABS pipes and try to pull the pipes up? Are there any products that you know of that will eat away at the corrosion so the injector can be free'd in order to pull it up?
Although you may be injured if lightning strikes your car, you are much safer inside a vehicle than outside. Fagnano was pulled from the water about 90 minutes later, and emergency responders performed CPR before transporting him to Marina Del Rey Hospital in critical condition where he was later pronounced dead.
According to Fagnano's Facebook page, he was a student at USC, a 2012 graduate of Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks and worked as a bartender at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The caster need to wait ten minutes after when the barrier blocks an attack before you can use it again.
He excelled quickly in most of his subjects and soon graduated from the academy at the top of his class. I was just confused by the fact that the old pump had the suction and the pressure holes opposite of how my new pump is configured. Those who were present at the beach yesterday described the scene during the storm as being like a scene out of the film Jaws, with hordes fleeing the water.
In order to install this new pump, I think I'm going to have to rotate the cap 180 degrees.
Thanks to Alan Carson and Bob Dunlop, for permission for InspectAPedia to use text excerpts from The Home Reference Book & illustrations from The Illustrated Home. The way it's oriented now, the larger diameter pipe (suction) is directly in front of the pressure pipe, so I'm not able to plumb it without getting really creative. I put out the embers on his back and elbows and carried him down the path towards the parking lot, with the rest of the group following.'Sean suffered third-degree burns on his back and elbows but was fortunate as he hadn't been completely grounded when the lightning struck. Each javelin appears ten feet from the target, they are all about one yard in length and four inches in thickness.
The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively. Special Offer: For a 10% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference Book purchased as a single order. Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order.

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