The Dangers of Lightning: The Many Ways That Lightning Can Hurt YouWhen we think of how lightning can hurt us, we often think of a direct strike which can injure or kill the person struck. I have suddenly become less interested in Bob Davis’s can crushers after seeing this one. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. One important thing about lightning, it DOES NOT constitute a severe thunderstorm!  As stated above EVERY thunderstorm has lightning.
Lightning that comes from the top of the cloud can be positive lightning, which is rare but can be significantly more powerful than more common negative lightning.

Don’t attempt to simulate any of these experiments unless you know what you are doing!
One part of your body contacts one voltage, and another part of your body contacts a different voltage. The first 4 videos are were done by XTrBass, the 4th one looks like a great way to get rid of confidential information that may be on a CD. Video 5 and 6 are by yoshieggz who got his hands on a pole transformer and is having fun with it! Finally the last 3 videos shows what happens when you allow many MegaVolts of electricity to discharge in a piece of Plexiglas, some details of this process can be seen here and also here. When inside a house, either a corded telephone or water pipe such as a faucet can also cause this.Upward LeadersOr streamers, are currents of positive charges that start growing upward from the ground from elevated objects.

If a downward step leader and a streamer meet, a conductive path will be formed and a lightning stroke will occur. This charge is much smaller than the main stroke but still large enough to cause injury or death to humans.Direct strikeIs when lightning attaches directly to the victim.
Blunt trauma can also occur from injuries related to fire, explosions, or falling objects, that are caused by a result of the lightning strike.Surface ArcHigh current surface arcs are associated with ground currents.

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