Gimbal Fixtures: These have a "halo" shaped ring that fits over the face of the bulb, and often have a cap over the socket which is attached by a cord.
These include most "Juno"  and "Halo" type lamp fixtures, if you are familiar with those terms.
Ceiling fixtures, like the one pictured above, direct light downward and hide the light inside of the ceiling. G24 fluorescent lamp: These use a two pin or four pin locking system to lock the 2-3" fluorescent tubes into place inside of the can. How to Tell How Bright a Light Bulb Is One of the most common questions we get is how to tell how bright a LED light bulb really is. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Have you ever needed a light or piece of equipment for a special event but would rather not purchase one?
This thin 4 inch Can light draws only 8.5 watts of power and produces over 440 lumens of light, its super thin profile allows you to install in almost any location with pressure fit clips for quick installation. Some of the things Reliabrite LED Lighting doesReliabrite LED focuses on providing a line of quality LED lighting products, including Thin LED Ceiling lights, LED Tape and strip lighting, Outdoor LED path and garden lights, cabinet puck lighting, LED Step lights and a range of dimmable LED power supplies.
San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Nevada City, Grass Valley, Rocklin, Roseville, Linclon, Truckee, Lake Tahoe, Placerville, Modesto, San Jose, Fresno, Oakland, Marin, Stockton, Folsom, Elk Grove, Davis, Napa, Santa Rosa, Yuba City, Auburn, Vacaville, Reno, Carson City, Sonoma, Novato, St. Accurate LED supplies lighting for facility managers, electrical contractors and green energy companies. Commercial grade LED lighting is a dramatic improvement over traditional Metal Halide or Sodium lighting for many different reasons.
Accurate LED offers many different types of LED products which are suitable for converting existing HID or CFL  fixtures to LED. Packing a big punch in a small size, this directional LED module emits light in a concentrated direction.
Great for canopy lights with horizontal sockets, flood lights or wall packs, these lamps will replace up to a 175W HID bulb.
This item is suitable for lamp posts or walkway bollards which emit light in all directions.

Our line of wall packs is priced very competitively, yet offers many features that even more expensive choices lack. Accurate LED’s High Bay lights are a great choice wherever traditional high bays are specified.
These are usually called PAR-shape bulbs, because the halogen bulbs used a parabolic reflector to direct the light.
It is possible to use an LED in these systems by attaching a G24 adaptor to a standard E26 base.
I want to make sure I buy the proper tracks that LED's fit for sure B4 I buy and somehow it's not easy to track this info down on big companies and small companies websites! Helena, Calistoga, Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Berkeley, Walnut, Creek, Concord, Antioch, Daly City, Brentwood, Fairfield, Palo alto, San Mateo, Sacramento and ship across the United States.
Our singular focus on LED lighting allows us to give expert advice on making the transition to LED. This means that inside the fixtures, instead of a traditional ballast with a whip of several different wires, there’s only one input wire, paired with a neutral and a ground. DLC or Energy Star is an important rating if you plan to apply for rebates from your electrical utility. This may be a money saving option if your light fixtures are still in good condition, but you want to take advantage of LED technology. Our fixtures reach full brightness instantly, making it possible to use an occupancy sensor with each fixture. You may make other uses of the content only with the written permission of the author on payment of a fee.
There is usually a long strip that is fastened to the ceiling with an open slot running down the center. MR16s are usually a little less than two inches in diameter and two inches in length, not including the pins.
Typically they use a smaller E12 screw in base, rather than the medium E26 base found on a standard light bulb. Is the fixture directional, meaning does it emit light in a specific direction and pattern?

With Energy Star approval, this item easily qualifies for utility and government incentives. When the installer is on a lift or a ladder, this simple feature can make a big difference.
From parking garages and covered walkways to tunnels and bridges, we have a canopy light that will work for you. LED lights use standard dimensions, so there should be no issues placing most LEDs into these fixtures. Third, heat from the lighting is greatly reduced, causing less wear and tear on the body of the fixture itself.
So the same input wire is suitable for a 120v lighting circuit, 208v, 240v or a 277v circuit. We use only the highest quality drivers in our fixtures, ensuring a clean current to the LED circuit boards. Choices include full cutoff wall packs , decorative fixtures and traditional looking fixtures, ranging from 18 watts to 120 watts.
If your high bays are located in a controlled climate, you will notice a dramatic reduction in heat over Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lighting. For architects and lighting designers, photometric IES files are available by request for each light fixture model.
Our LED fixtures will directly replace Metal Halide or Sodium fixtures from 50 watts to 400 watts.
Also, maintenance costs are much friendlier with the advantages of solid state LED light fixtures.
This allows you to easily change the location of the fixture and change the direction of the light.

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