Recently, Christopher, a thirteen-year-old reader from Michigan wanted to know if the blue light that dentists use to cure fillings and sealants can hurt your teeth when used for a long period of time.
Christopher wanted to know if the blue light can burn, irradiate or otherwise hurt someone’s teeth when used longer than it should be. The blue dental curing light emits light at a wavelength of around 450 to 490 nm, a blue light.  You can read more about the visible light spectrum here. The very first light-activated filling materials used ultraviolet light.  Fortunately, today dentists only use materials that are cured by visible light as the use of UV cured materials has pretty much died out due to the dangers posed by ultraviolet light.
A good test to see if the curing light is too hot is to hold your finger 2-3 mm away from the curing light for 20 seconds.  If your finger gets too hot, then the curing light could do damage to the teeth.
One of the major dangers of the blue dental curing light is that it can hurt your eyes!  When we were learning how to do white fillings, our professors always advised us to never look at the blue light.
Although there is minimal potential for radiation damage to surrounding soft tissue inadvertently exposed to visible light, caution should be used to prevent retinal damage to the eyes.  Because of the high intensity of the light, the operator should not look directly at the tip or the reflected light from the teeth. The orange filter that you can see on the curing light above filters out the visible light, allowing the dentist or assistant to see what they are doing without looking directly at the light.
The dental assistant probably just wanted to make sure that the sealant was hardened all the way, and didn’t want to leave any room for doubt. Do you have any questions or comments about the blue dental curing light used in dentistry?  If so, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading! Hi Tom, I had a root canal done today, the dentist assistant accidentally shined the blue light in my eyes ..is it dangerous?
Yes they do make some protective glasses the same orange color as that guard if you are that worried about small amounts of exposure.
I’m a dental assistant and I find this article very useful for those that are not familiar with dentistry. The blue light causes an initiating agent in the composite resin we use in teeth to start a polimerization reaction to harden the composite. All of my teeth are sensitive and I cannot even have room temperature water without it causing discomfort. Went to periodontist he said perio disease upper right holes in teeth cap from 2009 has hole. Hi again, my whole face is swollen and my glands on the sides of my neck under jaw are the size of golf balls according to a dentist I went to.

All food tastes terrible, sensitive on every tooth, sPices or pepper feels gritty and I can it swallow.
No, all teeth cracked and Hygenist said stains on back of 4 front teeth is the sentinel exposed.
I had this technique carried out on one of my molars last year, recently I have been experiencing pain and extreme sensitivity in that particular tooth, also the pain radiates to my lower jaw and eye socket could this treatment have side effects later on. The bottom of this Gelish LED lamp is magnetic so it can be removed so that it can be cleaned. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The Vogue professional UV lamp nail dryer can dry and cure shellac, axium, and regular gels just like a professional manicure at a salon. One feature that owners love is the sensor which turns the nail lamp on when you put your hand inside. Everyone who has used this lamp loves the beautiful and professional looking manicures that come from it. I ask because recently I’ve been having major work done and even though the assistant is being careful about where the light shines it still ends up blinding me because all the work is being done on my front teeth, upper and lower and the intensity is much worse while the work is being done on the upper teeth.
I am willing to try it as I’ve changed a few things in that industry already, the blue light is very intriguing to me.
This LED nail lamp is designed for fast, efficient gel curing leaving you with incredibly smooth and level dry gel nails. Everyone who owns it thinks that it was well worth the investment especially when you consider the amount of money that you could spend in a salon and the amount of time that this LED nail lamp will last.
The removable piece also means that you can put your foot in and give yourself a great gel pedicure. In order for it to be turned on the lamp must be plugged in, and then the plug removed for it to shut off. The nail lamp can be used with just the lamp on, with just the fan on, or you can do a combination of both the lamp and the fan together.
This is a great feature because you won’t accidentally ruin your nails when pressing any buttons to turn it on.
Is there anything that can be done to protect the patients eyes while these lights are being used to cure the dental materials?

I have looked at it by accident a couple of times and I would compare it to looking directly at the sun.
This amazing nail lamp is guaranteed to last for years and give you nails as beautiful as ones you would get at the salon. The LED nail lamp also has an adjustable cover which shields your eyes from being burned by the bright lights. The biggest complaint about this nail lamp is that it doesn’t seem as though the included fan does anything beside make a noise. This nail lamp is perfect for people who have busy schedules and can’t find the time to go to the salon regularly.
Do they make glasses that a patient can wear while this procedure is bing preformed to protect their eyes like the dentists and his assistants are by the orange filter? The LED lights dry nails infinitely faster than UV lamps, and unlike UV lamps the bulbs will never need replacing.
There are LEDs placed on the side of the lamp as well making it simple to cure your thumb nails. Many people like to cure their thumbs seperately, but that is not necessary with this particular lamp. Some curing light are set on periods of 10 seconds and some materials require more or less curing time thats why we have to keep pressing the button a couple of times.
Easy to operate, easy modeling, can be irradiated together after five fingers finished, easy for painting and soak off.E.
It is normal phenomenon if the gel goes thicker in the case of temperature dramatically reduction. It that work was done properly no cleaning before a 3hour torture treatment where 1 tooth cut off and a cerac crown glued on top mercury filling was left underneath crown. And we will try our best to solve it, because your feedback indicates that you trust us and your satisfaction is our best payback.

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