A gel manicure is a type of nail treatment in which a nail technician uses gel to bind synthetic fingernails to natural ones and color them.
During a gel manicure, a nail technician first cleans and shapes a person's natural nails and pushes the cuticles back. Gel nails can be painted any color, but many people choose to get clear ones for a natural look. Natural nails continue to grow under the fake ones, so a person has to get them filled in after two or three weeks. When a person wants to remove the nails, he or she can either file them off or soak them off with acetone nail polish. Many people prefer a gel manicure since it's odorless, has a realistic look and feel, and is usually long-lasting.
Despite this, these treatments tend to be more expensive than other types of manicures, and do have to be maintained to keep looking good.
I think the ladies that are complaining about their nails need to watch where they are going. I had a gel powder (I am told it is still acrylic nail process) and have put vitamin e oil underneath on my natural nail and cuticle every day. My nails look so lovely now but they are still fragile and will be until they grown out from the acrylics. I am here looking for advice as I had bio gel used on nice nails for a year and then stopped and now my nails are ruined.
I got my gel manicure last week, my nails look great, and no electric file was used on my nails. I had strong, long, healthy nails and put on gel nails only to protect them from damage and have a french manicure that looked flawless for weeks to a month.
I went to a high end place first and they looked great and when I got them re-done I noticed this line at the end that moved as the gel was slowly coming off. I didn't need the gel to grow or make my nails healthy and now I will never do gel nails again. My experienced manicurist suggested the gel nails, and I loved the look and the lasting effect.
I used to only get regular manicures because of the fakeness of the other kinds and seeing all that goes into putting the others on, taking them off. Today i heard the ultraviolet light the salons use to dry or set your gel nails causes cancer.
You will need GELOUS Advanced Nail Gel Coat from Sally Beauty Supply, ANY nail polish color of your choice, and ANY clear top coat of your choice. He or she then applies a base coat, which helps the fake nail or polish adhere better, and then applies several coats of polish to the nails. The color generally lasts for a few weeks without significantly changing, but tanning beds can cause a slight yellowing.
The process for a filling is similar to that for a regular gel manicure, with the manicurist filing and shaping the synthetic nails and removing and repainting the color so that it will look brighter and last longer.
Though some polishes are designed to soak off easily, people may need to scratch up the topcoat so that the acetone can get to the colored layers. Gel nails also don't need lift, polish, or backfills, and when removed properly, don't damage the nail like acrylic nails sometimes do.

Like other fake nails, if they get caught on something they can tear a person's natural nails off, which is very painful and can lead to infections. Why would you allow someone to use an electric filer and brutalize your nails and then blame the product? The reason I put them on in the first place was because I bit them and I could not seem to break the cycle.
You can't expect there to be no effects after having acrylics because they file your nail down with each infill.
I have always had beautiful nails and now they are just terrible: breaking, cracking, splitting and thin as paper.
We went today to get redone and the manicurist didn't use any tools other then the cuticle remover to push of left over gel. The fact that a chemical is put on to extend, or in my case protect, only protects it from breakage not damage. At first they looked nice, but when they were removed a few weeks later, my nails looked bad.
It looks amazing and hasn't chipped at all, but my friend has had them on for a month and just the other day she decided to take it off by herself and her nails underneath still looked perfect.
I have been told that they make your nails look great, and once they are removed your nails are not damaged and not only have grown, but are beautiful and are stronger. A good technician will always file manually to remove old gel; they should never use an electric file. This is my fourth time doing my own gel nails at home, and let me tell you, this stuff is amazing. Though gel nails are generally long-lasting and don't chip, people do have to take special care when removing them, and the application process may be associated with health problems. After each layer is painted on, the person getting the manicure puts his or her hands under a small Ultra Violet (UV) lamp for a few seconds or minutes to cure and harden it. The gel itself is usually a soft white color, which can enhance the look of a person's fingernail tips.
Some people choose just to get the color renewed, while others choose to get new gel to fill in the space where the nail has grown out, near the cuticle.
It's best to hold cotton balls soaked in remover on the nails for a few minutes instead of soaking the entire finger in it, since this can damage the skin.
Additionally, the polish acts as a shield against anything that might weaken or damage the nails, such as moisture or other elements.
Some people also have concerns about the exposure to UV light needed to cure the nails, since type of light can increase a person's chances of skin cancer. The person I go to now does it with an electric file, whereas my last tech did it manually with a file.
I got one three weeks ago and they did not file my nail to get it to stick and I didn't get nails glued to my own. 2 formula with a coat of Revlon's post trauma nail treatment polish color 970 which fills the nail and gives it a nice, thick, very natural polish. He placed dampened cotton swab with acetone on it on fingertips wrapped in aluminum foil let set for few seconds and removed. Did you know that you can do your own gel nail manicure at home using your own normal nail polish and no UV light?

Depending on a person’s lifestyle and length of nails, this treatment usually lasts for about a month.
Wearers should never try to peel or pry the nails off, since this can tear off their natural fingernails. The time and level of exposure that would be needed to cause cancer is generally much greater than most people experience during manicures though. I'm going in for a gel treatment on Thursday and if it doesn't look right, then I'm not going to let them touch me. Needless to say, the last couple of months they have been lifting near my cuticle, so I will request a manual file when I go for my next appointment. Warning: My nails are horrible, spotty, very very weak, and I keep having to trim them short because they are not growing out any stronger.
Now for other people who say it doesn't work I'm sorry, but you just might be going to the wrong salon or your nails may be the problem, but I suggest gel nail polish if you like no chip. Electric files should never be used on the natural nail unless with a buffer attachment or emery attachment. Done properly and with good advice from a good technician, you shouldn't have any problems. A plastic cuticle pusher is the only thing they've ever used to work off any stubborn spots (few and far between). A darker color will not look as nice when your nails start to grow since the contrast will be more intense.
Dermatologists recommend that people apply sunscreen to their hands before getting a gel manicure to be safe, and to get these types of treatments in moderation. I don't know why so many women allow themselves to be mistreated when it comes to their nails. I will never do gel again and am looking for any repair products that will help me get my nails back. Well, today I peeled everything off and my nails are OK but I am going to back to the good old weekly manicures for safety's sake.
If your nails are damaged after removal of gels or acrylics it is because the gel or acrylic was removed improperly. The clear lasts one month, which is the same price as getting a manicure once every two weeks.
I was told that when I return, I would need to soak my nails in acetone to take the gel off. And I can paint them if I want to during the month, changing the colors, since removal of the polish does not interfere with the gel nails. Select a reputable salon that has a nail tech who has been in the business at least three years. Bottom line, I have had no problems, no pain, and it is all about the manicurist doing it correctly.

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