I have over 600 used ricoh copiers for sale, all machines are in full working order and are ready for inspection at my warehouses in the UK before shipment. No comment here, please write a first comment for this product Used Digital Copier Minolta Dialta Di 251,351 Second Hand ! Do not post business enquiry here, click Get a quote to contact the supplier if you want to buy it. It’s back-to-school time, giving us an excuse to get all educational on you, with tips and ideas about how you and your family can live green this fall. At UncommonGoods, we love unique and beautiful works of art made from recycled and reclaimed materials that would otherwise have ended up as plain old garbage.
Bike, walk, skateboard, scooter or ride the bus (or a horse!) to school instead of driving or even carpooling. You could also buy refillable cartridges containing bio based, sustainable inks (like soy).
If you’re feeling a luxe goth vibe, we’re pretty sure that our skull razor is the coolest thing going. Opt for Don Draper’s safety razor (they use recycleable metal blades) and you’ve got an excuse to buy a retro-hip shaving brush. E-waste. Americans junk 30 million computers every year (those are circuit boards in the photo above).
A protective sleeve or case will help keep your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or e-reader from getting broken or wet and then sent to an early grave. When people talk about becoming less dependent on petro-fuels, they don’t usually think of food as part of that.
There’s also all that food packaging to consider: Every year, the average American child generates 67 pounds of trash from their school lunches. A simple way to do your part to reduce waste while also ensuring that your child is eating healthy, is packing their lunches yourself in an appealing lunch bag made of recycled materials.
Whenever possible, eschew (see what we did there?) single-serve portions: ugh, all that disposable packaging!
If you use “office” machines at home, choose Energy-star rated ones, and be sure to schedule regular maintenance for maximum energy efficiency. Habits, like recycling, or searching for green alternatives, are easy once they become automatic. Inventory. Know what you already have before you go shopping for school supplies, clothes, backpacks, etc. Laundry. Living green sometimes takes a little extra effort, but occasionally it’s less work, rather than more.
UncommonGoods offers a nicely designed indoor clothesline, as well as this aroma-tastic natural laundry soap. Issues of morality and health aside, meat is simply far less energy-efficient and far more polluting than non-animal sources of protein. According to Department of Agriculture estimates, it takes about 15 pounds of feed to make 1 pound of beef, 6 pounds of feed for 1 pound of pork and 5 pounds of feed for 1 pound of chicken. That doesn’t even take into account the energy and other costs of raising, butchering, packaging, refrigerating and transporting.
Children will love the following info-tidbits about the inevitable noxious “output” of so many animals: Massive amounts of #s 1 and 2 from pig factory farms leak into nearby water supplies. Organic foods don’t pollute our environment with toxic pesticides or petroleum-derived fertilizers. It’s tough to make a living as a small organic farmer, but the non-financial rewards are inspiring more and more young people to give it a whack.
Paper. You already know that paper requires the death of innocent trees (and destruction of animal habitat).
Paper milling is one of the most energy and pollution-intensive industries in the world, emitting lethal chemicals into the air, water, and when the 12 million tons a year of paper solid waste are disposed of, the earth.

The good news is that making new paper out of old is energy-efficient, cost-effective, uses far fewer resources, and obviously, reduces the amount of waste. When you do buy bleached paper, choose chlorine-free brands; specifically TCF (Totally Chlorine-Free) or, best of all, PCF (“Processed Chlorine-Free”). Read. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s magazine, Conservationist for Kids, covers a wide range of topics that are fascinating to kids, written just for them, and accompanied by great photos.
Depending on how much electricity costs where you live and how many devices you have plugged in, trickles of vampire power can really add up.
As you can imagine, the billions and billions of devices sucking electrical “blood” out of the world’s power grids collectively waste a tremendous amount of electricity. Some simple ways to conserve water: If you’re a gardener, grow plants that thrive in dry environments. The freight displayed here is not accurate, we will charge you the correct freight after weighing your items.2. Kid energy is a renewable resource. UncommonGoods employees are encouraged to use bikes as transportation, and we offer several convenient, effective and cool bike safety items.
If for whatever reason that’s impossible at school or work, at least try to recycle your used ink cartridges.
Seriously, we’re not going to say a word about them. For the inevitable times when you get caught without a reuseable shopping bag and come home with a disposable one, our Urbano Eco Trash Can makes it easy to re-use them. But growing, transporting, packaging, selling and buying what we eat uses a ginormous amount of oil. A public awareness campaign in the United Kingdom called “Love Food Hate Waste” has reduced household food waste by 18% in only five years. And don’t forget that in addition to their nutritional benefits, fruits like bananas, apples and oranges come with all the packaging they need.
Not only is it not recycleable, but some of the most dangerous environmental contaminants, including dioxins (known carcinogens and hormone disruptors, and the most toxic synthetic chemicals) are released during its manufacture and disposal. It’s so tempting to buy scads of new, shiny pens and notebooks when they’re on sale, and parents tend to over-buy at back-to-school time. Getting the whole family on board could avoid unnecessary runs of your machines for a basketball uniform or dance costume. It’s packaged as a manly item, but who doesn’t like “rich smelling sunflower, coconut and rosemary oils”? For instance, according to the Worldwatch Institute, producing one pound of beef can use up 50,000 liters of water.
Burping and farting livestock produce 16 percent of the world’s annual production of methane, which is 23 times more powerful as a global warming gas than carbon dioxide (CO2). So. If your teens or college students would like to taste life on the chemical-free farm, here are some resources to help them find a volunteer or paid position–maybe next summer? While it takes from 2 to 3.5 tons of trees to make 1 ton of virgin paper, a ton of recycled paper can make nearly equivalent amount of new, while using only 10 to 40 percent of the energy, less water, and far fewer chemicals. There are plenty of non-toxic chemicals that can whiten paper, including the same stuff that’s in Oxy-Clean.
You can use the Paper Calculator to figure out the environmental impact of various kinds of paper, and look up every possible sort of paper on Conservatree, in order to find green paper brands. Moms and dads, encourage your children to ask questions about the family’s new habits and ask them if they can think of new ways to decrease the family’s ecological impact. Also known as “standby power,” this is the electricity used by many electronic devices, chargers, appliances, and equipment when they’re switched off, but not unplugged. And because most energy plants emit a great deal of carbon dioxide (one of the major culprits of global warming) and sulpher dioxide (which causes acid rain), plus various other pollutants, eliminating vampire power with smart power strips, etc.
Notice when you’re using running water’s physical force to push food off plates or dirt off of whatever, and begin using elbow grease instead, cleaning with a brush or rag–with the tap turned off.
It’s easy to drift away from the great schedule that you started at the beginning of the school year, but keeping bedtimes early means fewer lightbulbs burning in the night.

Its funny how much I hate waste, yet have skipped over certain things you’ve brought to light. Tossing disposables into a recycling bin is at best, a very pale green: It takes energy to recycle and re-manufacture things, and if you throw them away after only one use, a lot of that energy has been wasted. And for your reading pleasure, here’s a funny story by a writer who became obsessed with plastic shopping bags stuck in trees.
Vintage advertising pens are nostalgic, super stylin’, and the sins of their manufacturing are in the past. Instead, how about trying a solar-charged electric shaver, or at least, an Energy Star model? It’s worth searching for non-toxic binders, and easy to find bags made from recycled or natural materials.
Meaningful employment is one of the main reasons people go to school and get an education in the first place, right? You can start small by participating in Meat Free Monday, the worldwide campaign of the cute Beatle. If vintage clothes are cool enough for super-rich and fashionable movie and pop stars, it’s possible that your kids (and you) could deem them adequately fabulous.
You’ve probably had your fill of info about eating organic, but perhaps your kids are interested in growing it! The name comes from those black power supply cubes; their metal plugs are like fangs, sucking power out of your walls. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy’s joint Energy Star program estimates that “the average U.S. This summer’s drought, however, has caused many of us to begin waking up to the reality that water is a limited resource. Besides, Benjamin Franklin says it will make you healthy, wealthy and wise–and he was not only one of our Founding Fathers, he’s also the Father of Electricity! Not only does this waste reuseable materials, but 70% of the dangerous heavy metals in landfills come from all that e-junk. Lots of interesting and fulfilling jobs are popping up in the fields of sustainability and environmentalism.
As if that’s not bad enough, its manufacture uses more water per ton of product than any other industry. But you yourself, reading and practicing a few (or a lot) of these green ABCs and sharing them with friends, who share them with their friends, and so on, could start generating statistics we all like a lot better. But it’s becoming easier and easier to reycycle old electronics, as governments require manufacturers to take them back. It is sometimes too early.) Help them understand what democracy is and the effectiveness of action within it.
In the wintertime, damp articles of clothing hanging indoors are electricity-free humidifiers. We did a little searching and found these adorable clothes that we thought were perfect for back-to-school.
On a national basis, standby power accounts for more than 100 billion kilowatt hours of annual U.S. During the hectic morning rush, setting a timer for morning showers will limit bathroom time per family member while saving many gallons of water. The blades in the (disposable) cartridges can be kept sharp much longer by using a razor-saver gizmo. Teach them about the history of environmentalism (maybe brush up on it yourself, first) and how people got together to push for societal change.

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