Majority of the people cannot afford brand new mobile phones because the cell phones have become extremely costly. Firstly, you must be aware of the fact that there is actually no guarantee for a mobile phone that is second hand. We explain how to choose the best secondhand phone, and offer advice on buying a used smartphone. Also with the exception of Apple, all the tier-one phone makers now make cut-down versions of their high-end devices. Any Windows Phone or BlackBerry handset that runs Windows Phone 7 or BlackBerry 9 is in essence unsupported. There are several decisions you need to make when purchasing a secondhand phone, each of which will have a bearing on what is the best used handset to purchase.
Firstly, are you prepared to go for an individual seller or will you place your trust in an established second-hand reseller? But if you buy from an established online store that is registered with Companies House and has a verified street address with a phone that is answered when you call it, you have a better chance of getting decent help when something goes wrong.
There are a couple of key phrases to look for, especially when buying from an indivisual: one being 'nearly new'. Other terms you are likely to come across when buying from a secondhand reseller are 'reconditioned' or 'refurbished'. A key thing to check, especially when buying from an individual, is what networks that phone can be used with. More important on a personal level is to make sure you're buying a phone that the seller owns. We'd strongly recommend not buying secondhand a contract phone, but if you do check if the phone is part of a contract with airtime minutes - you won't be able to buy the phone without the attached contract for minutes.
Finally, if buying a secondhand phone it's best to buy one that's been PAT (Portable ApplianceTest) tested. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Mobile companies are also bolstering the market by increasingly seeking to recover precious metals from within handsets as well as refurbishing devices that are insured.

The ranges must be whole numbers The max price must be upper than the min price You should have to enter a min. The prices of cell phones have increased because of the top-notch technologies that are utilized in the cell phones these days. The original bill will give you an idea about how long the phone has been used or how many times it has been serviced.
For instance, see whether the keypad or the speaker of the phone is functioning effectively or not. The price has to be in accordance with the present working condition of the used mobile phone.
If you cannot remove the battery - as is the case with any iPhone - you may find that it is all wrung out and no longer holds charge.
Then eschewing the worst, cheap Androids and looking for a good second device may be the way to go.
You can of course grab a great bargain by shopping via the likes of eBay, Freecycle or Loot. You are also likely to be able to buy using a credit card, which means refunds are the banks problem. And they have to make a profit somewhere, so it's possible you will pay more than when buying from an individual seller. This is a loose description but you would expect the phone to be in very good condition and not used very much. These terms are used for electrical items where someone has repaired the item or added components to bring it up to good working order, and you should ask for a warranty in this instance. Remember that many phones are locked to accept sim cards from only certain service providers. Look closely at the contract terms and conditions: they often don't allow for the contract to be transferred to someone else. That way you know it's going to be safe, and all secondhand electrical goods should be tested (and often aren't).
Thus some of the people only have the option of buying second hand mobile phones which give them the opportunity to save money.

Last year's handset is still better than the phone you loved three year's ago, and we could all do with saving a little dosh. And you have to consider what OS the phone runs on, and what phone can be made to run on it. Would you really rather have a formerly expensive Android, BlackBerry or WP device rather than a new cheap one if the OS is out of date?
Try to find out how the battery life is holding up, and whether the screen is chipped or scratched.
That said, PC Plod is unlikely to throw at you the full weight of the law if you have made an honest attempt to find out from where the seller got the phone and why they are selling it. That may even be the case then the contract runs out - although the telco is highly unlikely to ever ask for it back!
And even if they do, be aware that the company who owns the contract may carry out a credit check on you. If you buy one that's not been tested it's not a bad idea to pay an electrician to PAT test it before you use it. This code should match the code number that is printed on the mobile phone’s box or written in the bill.
The more you can get in writing before committing the more chance you have of redress if things go wrong.
If the IMEI code does not match then it means that you are buying a phone that has been serviced several times or has been stolen. And that's on a phone you can update: Android smartphones are stuck with the OS with which they were born.

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