I came to the conclusion shortly after my wife and I got married that second hand furniture was the way to go.  Now, that the economy has tightened up a bit on everyone, I am even more convinced that buying used furniture can be a great way to save some money.
Not everyone can afford expensive and designer furniture, but that does not mean that you cannot decorate your home with good furniture pieces.
These days you get multi utility furniture pieces for the purpose of saving space and also for cost cutting reasons. Instead of buying an Elmira and a dresser separately you can economise your budget by buying an Elmira with a built in dresser. Someone who didn't know me very well, obviously, asked me the other day "why would you buy second hand furniture?" To be honest, I was a bit in shock.
If you read my blog regularly, actually if you read any DIY blog regularly, you are probably a second hand vintage furniture lover and appreciate the magic that paint can weave.
If you have a limited budget or don’t want to spend a fortune furnishing and decorating your home, second hand furniture is perfect. You can buy solid vintage furniture that is beautifully made and has already stood the test of time. I think the idea of someone having owned the furniture before you is what turns a lot of people off buying second hand furniture but I love a piece's history. I'll be back tomorrow with a guide on what to look for when buying second hand vintage furniture. Some of us may chance upon good finds by scouring the likes of EnjoyShanghai or Shanghai Classifieds for second hand furniture.
A friend of mine needed to get office furniture for her spanking new office, so we decided to buy all that she needed at one go from a local second hand furniture store. We combed these three second hand furniture stores and eventually bought several office tables, side tables, chairs, and cabinets from the third one in Xuhui district (No.
To give you an idea of prices, my friend bought this leather sofa set for RMB1600, with a coffee table thrown in for free. Apparently you can also sell your second hand furniture to them, but I’m not sure how good their valuation prices are.
She has very good taste on fabrics and has the good reputation in Shanghai among the business of sofa upholstery. Packers and Movers in Shanghai – Get Best movers and packers services in Shanghai to all over China at affordable price for household shifting, office shifting, local shifting and international relocation. A one-stop greasy spoon to indulge in Xiao Long Xia, other selected seafood and BBQ would be on Shouning Road. One way you can hedge your bets a little is to economize on spending your cash on major necessities – like a brand new car and furniture.
A little selective and judicious picking over of departing expats’ stuff can save you thousands of dirhams (the local currency), while still filling your living space with smart and serviceable items that can make your new Dubai life comfortable, stylish and amenable.
If the above suggestion sounds like the way to go, you might like to give some thoughts to what you can and can’t live with secondhand. Getting a little more personal, but again, there are plenty of products available in the cleaning materials section of the supermarkets that can refresh and sanitize. You could spend quite a while running around all sorts of high-end, middle, and budget furniture stores getting an idea of what you can expect to pay for what you are going to get. At the very least, spend a while in IKEA in Dubai’s Festival City and make some notes on what a decent quality bed, mattress, sofa, and dining table will cost brand-new. You’ll also get a telephone number to phone the owner(s) and an indication of exactly where in Dubai the item is. You may save quite a lot of money by purchasing second-hand, but expend quite a lot of time and energy going and inspecting the goods close-up. A question often asked at the telephone conversation stage of any purchase is, “Is your price fixed or is it negotiable?” Best to sort these things out clearly before advancing to the actual inspection stage. Finally, if inspection and negotiation produce a deal that’s satisfactory, there’s the question of how to get the often big and bulky item to its new home. People with stuff to sell make their own ads and Spinneys displays them for free for two weeks or so.

Garage sales are quite popular especially within the larger housing compounds, when people are getting ready to leave. If you’re working for a large organization in Dubai, like a university, or some other institution with a lot of employees, it’s not uncommon for the company to have a “for sale” page as part of its website. A general web search will give you the names of companies in Dubai who perform these services. You can get unique furniture for your home by being a little innovative and by exploring the market a little bit more. You have the option of buying a sofa cum bed for your living room, which can be used as an extra bed for your guests or children. Study your old furniture carefully, you can modify it and convert it into brand new furniture. However I know a huge proportion of people, when looking to decorate their house, automatically head to shops selling new furniture.
Many pieces of second hand furniture are structurally sound and still look great; they were just not wanted any more by their previous owners.
You are saving something from landfill and extending its product life as well as not buying something new which in turn reduces your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions because of less production, raw material sourcing and logistics. Choosing second hand furniture allows you to buy higher quality furniture while still staying within a lower budget. I love the signs of age and use and the smooth well worn handles showing signs of years of use. It saved her a few thousand RMB for great office furniture (some negotiation needed, as usual). China Classifieds is the biggest classified ads posting website for multinationals living in China. Shouning Road is bustling with an entire street of Xiao Long Xia, oysters, scallops, hairy crab (during season), BBQ (mutton, beef, fish, chicken mid-joints, etc.), “longevity noodles” (???), HK desserts, so on and so forth. More popular with local retailers who sometimes get their stock here at wholesale prices, these shops also offer single item sales. Although I feel immensely crappy to have been so stupid and gullible, but I hope that by sharing what happened to me it will prevent it from happening to you. Eager to start your exciting new life in this international hot-spot, but not sure if the pace, the costs, and the cultural adjustments will really make Dubai the place you’re going to spend the next five to ten years of your life in?
Now you need somewhere to live and you need a few items under your roof and inside your walls, but you don’t have to go to the expense of buying everything brand-new. There are also professional companies that will come to your home and steam-clean the fabrics on furniture as well as deep clean with industrial-strength vacuum cleaners all the crannies and crevices.
We’re getting a lot more personal now and individuals will have different tolerance levels, but again, the same cleaning professionals can be employed. If you have the time and inclination, good for you, because the more informed you are, the better armed you are when it comes to assessing asking prices and bargaining on the second hand market. If you have more time available, you could also check out Pottery Barn, Bloomingdales Home, Dwell, Flamant, Marina Home, Ethan Allen, Laura Ashley, and White Company; the good news is that these furniture outlets are all under one roof in Dubai Mall. This last piece of information can be every bit as important as anything else you might learn about the item, as it might be located quite a distance from where you are living. More on this later, but it’s something to consider; it’s unlikely that the seller will offer delivery. However, in the last year or so, I’ve noticed that they are beginning to disappear or at least be very sparsely populated in comparison with 8-10 years ago.
Usually, these pages are only available to members within the organization, so I can’t display an example, but ask colleagues if the company you are employed has such a page. Of course, you can get a surprising number of sizeable items in the back of a 4?4, so if you have already purchased, or have a willing colleague, that is another option. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Give it a shot, you might be surprised at what you find.  Good Luck on your hunt for secondhand furniture.

There are many ways by which you can furnish your house without spending a bomb and still make it a piece of envy for others.
Sofa cum bed is an ideal piece of furniture for small apartments and it is easy to carry from one place to another, if you are in a transferable job.
For example if you have a tall wooden Elmira and are thinking buying a new one, well you can convert the old one into a side board. It is always better to buy second hand furniture from an acquaintance so that you can be sure about the condition of furniture. People change styles, have changing requirements, downsize, pass away etc and yet the furniture still may have a lot of years of use left.
It's amazing what you can find on the side of the road the evening before council clean up. I love that a family before mine has had that piece of furniture serving a purpose in their home. Many people have the impression that second hand furniture are really old and unwanted, but on the contrary, there are plenty of very good to mint condition furniture that people have to give up due to relocation needs, etc. They delivered punctually on the day we wanted them to, although we needed to give them 3 days’ advance notice so that they can plan their delivery schedule.
With reviews and rating anytime, anywhere any location in Shanghai to choose the right one. Don’t let the chaos stop you, there are good quality clothing there for a fraction of the price in retail shops.
After all, many other people will have slept in the beds at the Burj Al Arab before you sink your head into the pillows. Filtering according to which rooms you are looking to furnish will reduce the number in each specific category, but there is plenty to see and plenty of choice. Again, a general web-search using the keywords “second hand used furniture appliances Dubai” will show you what’s available, but expect the wares to be mostly pretty low-end stuff. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). For extra seats in your living room, you can buy colourful bean bags or puffies and just spread them around. With a little retouching of polish or paint here and there will give the old furniture a new look. Sure of course I clean my second hand furniture well, airing out smells and wipe away years of grime and dust.
With the variety of flavors and on-time delivery, it sure beats buying those last minute cakes from mediocre bakeries. Well, OK, there aren’t really any major hygiene issues that can’t be dealt with once the items are installed in your apartment or villa.
Typically, each ad will show a main photograph of the item, but clicking on the ad will likely show more pictures. Bean bags are the latest trend among young people and they make good recliners while watching TV or when you are working on your laptop.
You do not have to buy furniture made with expensive materials, these days there are a lot of choices in furniture of different materials. Redesign the shelves by modifying old shelves and use the doors to make drawers and smaller compartments of the side board. I'm also very particular about second hand upholstery and there's no way I'd ever be tempted to buy a second hand mattress or safety equipment.
Cane furniture is cheaper than teak furniture; it is trendy and it adds warmth to the room. Similarly you can chop off the legs of your old bed and use them to make a centre table by fixing a ply board or glass on top.

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