When on a tight budget, you should always make a list of things that you need before going shopping. Because clothing at thrift stores are used, always check them thoroughly before buying them. After purchasing clothing, shoes or purses from a thrift store, always wash or sanitize them. If you want to purchase an electronic or battery operated item, ask someone working there where you can try it out to make sure it works before you purchase it. Have fun shopping at thrift stores and expand you horizons to used bookstores and sporting goods stores for those needs as well. It’s a well known practice that a lot of brands sell for nothing or give away clothes at the end of the season.
Instead of going to the mall or big name bookstore, they are opting to go to consignment stores, thrift shops and used book stores.

If you frequent any local thrift store you’ll see many clothes and other items that are in brand new condition (often with the original price tag) at a much lower price. Entering into a thrift store isn’t an exception to this, but you should maybe bring an extra $10 or so just in case you find something you weren’t expecting. When first entering the store, figure out how they are labeled and what sale days are on which items (this is a practice most thrift stores implement). They may have been washed before brought there, but more than likely not and many hands could have touched them or tried them on before you bought it.
It would be a good idea to carry some batteries with you because the item probably doesn’t have any included.
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For instance, a $60 pair of jeans could be found at a thrift store for only $5 – brand new!

Only buy those extras however if you really need them, otherwise you won’t be doing your budget any favors. Instead of putting back an item of bad quality, bring it to the store manager so they can toss it or try to fix it before someone else finds picks it up by mistake. Brand names are usually mixed in with everything else, and even though there are sections for each size, they often get mixed up too.

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