Only a Sith deals in absolutesFight for the side of light and goodness in the battle of the force with this Star Wars Blue Jedi Lightsaber.
Whether you are dressing as your favorite Jedi from the movies or just making your own way as the next padawan, wield your new weapon with pride. A Jedi is not complete if he or she is missing his or her lightsaber, so as you go into the battle for the galaxy make sure that you are equipped for the task at hand.

The color of your lightsaber can be indicative of the control you have over the force, and wielding this shows that you are at the same level as the esteemed Obi Wan.
This fun accessory is made to look just like the real deal, bringing authenticity to your costume that will be hard to match.
This is an officially-licensed Star Wars product.This Halloween, be prepared to battle even the most fearsome Sith lord as you wield this great lightsaber.

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