Rustically charming, chicken wire is layered over a linen drum shade with vintage calligraphy print and finished off with a diffuser for soft light with tons of vintage style.3x60 watts.
To cover the lantern I cut up a cream colored old shirt and used some black scrap pieces of chiffon.
The best part of this lantern is that I could easily pull down the cover while putting it up!
These contemporary ceiling shades are a great way to add some modern style to any room in your home. Can be used as a table lamp or for a ceiling lamp -please state which is required when ordering.

This listing for the shade only - please check our other listings the matching ceiling flex and retro bulb. Available in a variety of shapes including hexagon, square, round, and triangular, it is easy to cover these lampshade wire frames with a variety of materials including fabric.
I found that folding the lamp holder-thingies up and then cut up one of them with pliers made it possible to securely fasten the light fixture with rubber bands to the frame. Because the small frame is turned upside down, and it is a table lamp frame, the light holder loops can be used to attach the lantern to the ceiling. To add something unique to the shade, consider adding decorations on top of the fabric including old maps for the history lover, postcards from a vacation you spent together, or yarn for a fellow crafter.

Going to have to try and forget all the shit that went down if I’m going to be able to write this post.
I simply used a chain that I pulled though the loops and then fasten the ends to the hook in the ceiling. The best place to get a lampshade frame, and all the other supplies that you need to complete your one-of-a-kind project, is from the top-rated sellers on eBay.

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