She broke the crystal perfume  bottle but saved the sterling silver overlay and stopper.  I made a new bottle and fit the old stopper to it. I made a mold to blow the glass into so the new bottle would fit the old sterling silver liner.  I made the hole in the new bottle small so I could grind the old stopper to fit. The markings indicate it was make in England and its sterling silver.   Sent to me from a church in Boston Mass. We repair the pieces that others say can be done.  After trying the local repair places in Boston area the the cruet was sent to me. We make beveled glass from our stock of old glass having the  right type of glass is very important.
The crack was running down from the neck so very carefully I turned the crack and made it run back up to the top. A pair of Antique crystal cruets with a very delicate cut pattern were sent to me for repair.  The one crystal bottle was missing apart of the stopper.

Many people don’t know this type of repair is possible please email this to your friends and family. After removing the silver collar the broken piece was removed and the stains ( sick glass)  were polish out . The pieces fit back together and there are no small chips.  This  antique glass plate looked great after the repair. They sent along the top of the antique crystal stopper but the bottom had broken off and was lost. It had a broken neck and missing pieces from the lip.  The customer was skeptical that I could repair an antique cut glass decanter in such bad shape. In the family for many years the owner remembers his mom using this bottle to water laundry before ironing. They also sent along one good antique cut glass cruet that need a stopper and one good crystal stopper.

The antique  glass is very thick and because of that I was able to grind  and polish with out making a hole or changing the look. There were chips around the stopper holes so I polished then out then etched then to match . I like when cusomer totally surprised at the level of our crystal repair or glass restoration. The owners still had the silver top to the stopper, but a new glass bottom had to be made.

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