Cash when you need it: Customize the design of your portfolio of individual bonds in a bond ladder to provide cash when you need it.
Investment Avenues for Retirement Planning ? Menu About Mutual Fund Insurance Stock Mar­ket Home Loan Financial Planning ????? Contact Me Simplifiedfm Investment Avenues for Retirement Planning by Sarvajeet Bodas on October 26, 2014 This is Part 2 of All about Retirement Planning series. Exchange-traded Australian Government Bonds commenced trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on 21 May 2013.
On 12 December 2010 the Australian Government announced a package of measures to promote a competitive and sustainable banking system. Exchange-traded Treasury Indexed Bonds (eTIBs) offer a convenient and readily accessible way to invest in Treasury Indexed Bonds. The capital value of a Treasury Indexed Bond is adjusted for movements in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
Exchange-traded Treasury Bonds (eTBs) offer a convenient and readily accessible way to invest in Treasury Bonds. Exchange-traded Australian Government Bonds (AGBs) offer a convenient and readily accessible way to invest in Australian Government Bonds.
A holder of Exchange-traded AGBs has beneficial ownership of AGBs in the form of CHESS Depositary Interests (CDIs). Exchange-traded Australian Government Bonds (AGBs) have the appeal and convenience of being electronically quoted and traded through the ASX in small or large parcels. There are two types of Exchange-traded AGBs: Exchange-traded Treasury Bonds (eTBs) and Exchange-traded Treasury Indexed Bonds (eTIBs). Recent news Exchange-traded Australian Government Bonds are available for trading on the Australian Securities ExchangeInterested in inflation protected investments? Cookies are the files stored in your browser and are used by most websites to help personalise your web experience.
These cookies allow us to count page visits and traffic sources so we can measure and improve the performance of our site, using a service provided by Google Analytics. The MTS Repo market on the MMF Platform is the professional’s e-trading venue for real-time eurozone repo pricing, liquidity and trading, uniting over 150 unique participants across Europe, including international and domestic banks and institutional buy-side clients. Over half of all trades in the European repo market are executed directly, while 28% are traded electronically and 20% are traded via a voice broker. The depth of counterparties and range of instruments combined with the transparency of MTS pricing has made it a benchmark electronic trading venue for the European repo market. In addition to the widest range of European government bonds, MTS Repo lists supranational bonds, agencies, triparty and continually updated reference portfolio of specific bonds and GC contracts.

New markets are launched regularly alongside the expanding MTS Cash markets, including Slovenia and Israel. We invest significantly in technology development to support the diverse needs of repo market participants, along with proven system stability and local expert customer service.
The MTS Repo platform can be accessed either via leased line connectivity or public internet. MTS Repo offers complete open architecture, enabling seamless integration with ISV solutions and existing internal systems.
Trusted by cash lenders and collateral providers across Europe and beyond for over 15 years, we facilitate an orderly, efficient repo market that delivers deep liquidity and natural interest in both specific bonds and general collateral. We promote transparency and deliver one of the primary sources of liquidity for the European repo markets, bringing together major cash lenders with the largest pool of collateral providers and also matching short positions with participant inventories. Alongside the bilateral General Collateral Baskets available on the MTS Repo platform are also listed a number of standardised tri-party baskets (EuroGC, Euro GC+ and X-COM). We dedicate significant resources to ensuring our market is compatible with the relevant domestic and international settlement systems, central clearing houses and tri-party agents. In addition to the traditional click-to-trade model, MTS Repo supports RFQ negotiations and OTC registrations, making it easier than ever to trade repos on the platform and leverage its extensive STP capabilities.
The RFQ feature also contains a messaging facility, opening a new communication channel between dealers. We pride ourselves on meeting demands from global regulatory authorities for improvements in risk management and compliance with new and pending regulations.
Our MTS Repo market is regulated by CONSOB and domestic authorities and offers a range of tools combined with robust technology and expert customer support to empower you to set best practice and comply with global regulatory authorities (ECB, FCA, CONSOB, etc.) and reporting (MiFID). In addition, we provide a range of post-trade analytical services that enable you to measure the benefits generated from electronic trading for compliance purposes. Our sales team is available during market hours to offer expert support and to animate the market, as well as being responsible for the on-boarding of new repo market participants.
The MTS monitoring team offers support to participants for any issue related to the post-trade process and maintains relationships with central securities depositories, clearing houses and settlement agents for all MTS markets and products.
Our monitoring team is responsible for market supervision and providing members with data and reports on their own activity. As a value-added service for its repo community, MTS offers sector-specific information and user documentation to ensure users get the most from its market-leading services.

We deliver a comprehensive and trusted market data service empowering fixed income dealers to set best practice for price discovery, verification and validation.
This means holders obtain all the economic benefits, including coupon and principal payments, attached to legal ownership of the AGBs over which the CDIs have been issued. The analytical cookies are non-intrusive, which explains why they are already set when a user accesses this website. It tells us you have given your consent to the use of cookies on our site and stops this message from displaying. They do not contain any personal information and are automatically deleted when you close your browser. We provide market participants with a standard GUI allowing traders to connect to markets, and members can implement more sophisticated solutions or integrate MTS trading functionality within their existing applications. Equity mutual funds, which invest up to 100% money in stocks, can easily give 12-15% returns a year on an average in the long run. Long-term capital gains from equity mutual funds (with over 65% equity exposure) are tax-free, making them all the more attractive. Those with slightly lower risk-taking ability can opt for equity-oriented hybrid funds, which invest 65-70% in stocks and the rest in fixed income securities such as bonds and treasury bills.
Those with limited risk-taking ability, for instance people close to retirement, can go for debt funds, which invest in government and corporate bonds. This is disciplined approach towards investment which is vital for earning good returns over a longer time frame. Under this, you have to contribute at least Rs 6,000 a year in a Tier-I account and a Tier-II account.
The NPS offers three types of funds and you can divide your corpus between these as per your risk appetite.

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