Clear roofs, non-insulated Engineered, clear non-insulated roofs. Our glazing method differ from other systems available in the market place as we offer a continues glass pane up to 14′ long. Laminated glass – a safety glass made of two layers that keep together even when cracked. Tempered glass – the common safety glass found in your smartphone screen, glass tables and furniture, bus stops, some car windscreens, cookware, and glass doors. Thermally broken joists, used for insulated roofs, both water and air tight. Use this system for structure where side walls may be added at a later stage to crate an enclosed room. CRN370 – Multiwall polycarbonate roof over elevated deck, reflecting light back on deck. A clear patio cover is every home owner’s dream, sitting at dusk with a sundowner or stargazing at night. Installing wall hanger needs to be done properly, else the roof will come down at heavy snow. If gutter, wall hanger and rear shelf are over a manageable lengths will supply in cut length with connectors. In a supply only kit we do not include bolts to the ground and to the wall – we don’t know what you have there. If you need information that is not given here, please email us and will reply and update the list.
To ensure proper protection, we recommend that cover will extend 1' out and at least 6" at each side where possible. PVB Laminated Glass is manufactured by permanently bonding one or more polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer between sheets of clear, coated or tinted glass under heat and pressure. Laminated glass can incorporate various combinations of clear and tinted glass, transparent or coloured interlayers, as well as a range of high performance coatings. The international version of China Glass Network will be updated at 17 o'clock to 24 o'clock this evening, during which the traderoom can not work normally.
Laminated glass is produced by bonding two or more layers of glass together by means of a special plasticised interlayer, polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This interlayer, after processing under controlled heat and pressure conditions, assumes a similar refractive index to the glass consequently having no adverse effects upon light transmission and at the same time, absorbing over 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays found in natural sunlight.
We also have tempered laminated glass,low-e laminated glass,low-e tempered laminated glass. If you want to send the message without registration, please fill the above contact information to this supplier.
Laminated glass is a sandwich of two or more sheets of glass with a plastic interlayer usually polyvinyl (PVB) interlayer in between. During lamination process chemical bonds are formed between glass and PVB interlayera€™s under temperature and pressure conditions.

Hence it is combination of mechanical and chemical bonds that provide PVB laminated its properties. Adhesion to glass is determined by the formation of hydrogen bonding bridge between the water compatible group of the glass surface and those of the polymer. Ordinary glass windows are brittle and break into long sharp pieces, causing serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Ionoplast Laminated Glass (Sentry Glass a€“Dupont) is further more stronger and much Stiffer.
Used to protect open spaces such as patios, balconies or carports, allowing light under it and into the house. Made of multiwall polycarbonate or glass.
This way, using no purlins, roof has a cleaner look, no ice dams, snow slides down undisturbed and therefore no leaks. In the event of breaking, layers are held in place by an interlayer sheet, typically of polyvinyl butyric (PVB), between its two or more layers. It is made of annealed glass sheets that are heat tempered in a kiln, so ends up harder and stronger than regular (annealed) glass. Glass is difficult to handle at best of times, so a typical panel of say 10′ long, 6mm thick that weighs 200 lbs will crack just for looking at it.
All are ribbed, meaning that the clear does not block any light but will obscure the sight.
Note that product is bulky and not shipping friendly and need to be well packed which adds to shipping costs. The polymer interlayer of PVB is tough and ductile, so brittle cracks will not pass from one side of the laminate to the other. GlaasikTM laminated safety glass are used for applications that require strong binding, optical clarity, adhesion to many surfaces, toughness and flexibility.
The excellent bond strength of the PVB to glass serves to maintain the integrity of the laminate in the event of deliberate or accidental damage, whilst also preventing penetration through the assembly. Used in many industries as safety glass, laminated glass serves a variety of safety purposes due to its ability to cohere together even after it has been shattered. Tempered glass takes much much abuse than annealed glass – it is up to six time stronger. Standard non-insulated glass roof system comes with a gutter at front end. Wall hanger has a a sway to compensate if foundation heaves. For self install projects we recommend  using the polycarbonate sheets, they are feather light and can be tossed around without damage.
Polycarbonate is 200 times stronger than glass and is 30 times stronger than acrylic,  and about 15 times stronger than modified impact acrylic. If need to cut a polycarbonate panel use a suitable blade and brace the panel so will not vibrate. While laminated glass will crack if struck with sufficient force, the resulting glass fragments tend to adhere to the interlayer rather than falling free and potentially causing injury.

The major application of PVB laminated safety glass is for automobile windshields and architectural fields.
The lamination process also improves properties of strength, tensility and impact resistance, making laminated glass ideal for consumer applications such as cutting boards and shower doors as well as high impact applications in car windshields, jewelry store windows, banks, airports, office buildings, security buildings and architectural glass. That is, the interlayers is laminated glass have the capacity to absorb the energy of impact and resist penetration. When multiple or thick interlayers are used, laminated glass can withstand higher laves of impacts. If brakes, it shutters into small particles rather than spikes at annealed glass, so is relatively harmless.
We suggest to use this system only if covered area is enclosed or will be so in the future.
At most areas can be installed up to 14′ projection with simple span support, which answers most of the residential needs. Laminated glass takes ten times longer to break through than regular glass, and in many situations is impossible to break through without extreme force or specialized cutting tools. Panels are UV protected so will not be harmed by the sun, and unlike acrylic panels will not lose their luster. While the two materials are similar in appearance, strength and durability are much different, as well as price. This makes laminated glass a great security protectant against would-be robbers and as well as natural or man-made disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes or terrorist attacks.
The PVB bonding sheet in invisible through the glass, can be noticeable only from the side of a cut sheet. All that if you live away from the city, where pollution will render the clear roof less so. Laminated glass also provides UV protection, an added benefit for museums, office buildings and cars. However, they are awkward to handle, susceptible to breakage in an untrained hand and need spacial crating when shipped. In winter there is not much to see, let alone that only few sit out when snow is on the ground.
Bullet-proof glass is fabricated from multiple layers of laminated glass up to 100mm thick. See our roof primer section for detailed information and comparison with our other roof products we carry. For covers over existing structures such as pre built pergolas – see out pergola cover section.

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