I decided to give this product a go after wanting hair extensions for sometime, and wanting to chose the cheaper option over the salon.I found this product not very simple to use by yourself. Right now this review is very hit and miss, because this product is very good and also very bad which is super annoying!Now I am a hair extensions addict, but at the moment I am using clips ins becuase when you glue them in they take so long to dry!
I braught this product last year as my hair was very badly damaged and most of it had to be cut of so was getting real hair extentions and i was recommended this glue.
I killed my hair a little while ago with excess bleaching, and as a result it became very short and weak, with lots of snapping. For this special post, we compiled a bunch of popular adhesives and materials and tested their compatibility and bonding power.
The Best Glue for Plastic: JB Weld PlasticWeld- This glue bonded nearly every material perfectly, with the exception of Teflon to itself (not surprising given the materiala€™s use for its non-stick properties).
The Worst Glue for Plastic: Testors Plastic Cement- For an adhesive made specifically for connecting plastic pieces for constructing models, it did a poor job of keeping our pieces together. Loctite Super Glue (Ultra Gel Control) a€“ This also worked well with most of our applications, with the exceptions of Teflon to itself and Polypropylene to stainless steel. As always, youa€™ll need to run your own tests to determine the best glue for plastic for your application.  This post will give you a starting point to finding the right adhesive for you! Check our complimentary Guide to Glues for Plastic to learn even more about what adhesives work best for difficult to glue plastics. Elmer's Repositionable Glue goes on smooth, and it's washable, acid-free, photo-safe, and non-toxic.
I ended up spending a whole day with my mum putting the hair extensions in for me which was backbreaking work for her!
I remembered when I was in school, a lot of my friends used extensions so took the advice of a friend and invested in some.To stick them in I used Salon Pro Bonding Glue which was amazing. It is Very good and Very strong, you can wash your hair with this in but be careful because sometimes after id washed my hair a few bits of the extentions were falling out and had to be glued back in, but most places it stayed stuck and it was only when id washed my hair alot of times.Also another bad point is that the glues is so sticky and strong that when you take your hair extentions out 1) It is really sore on some bits to pull them out and 2) alot of the glue stays in your hair and its really hard to get it out. Since then I have found the wonder of glue in extensions to make my hair look normal again.I use dream girl hair extensions, which are human hair, and thus need a certain type of glue to put them into my hair. It spread to create a gap-free bond, filling in all the available space for strong adhesion that just wouldna€™t quit, even after we tried desperately to separate the parts. Even after making sure we followed their instructions to the letter, nothing stuck together despite our best efforts. Despite it taking over an hour to set on TPU, it was able to bond it well to the stainless steel. This was definitely the easiest to use, with a small dropper tip making for easy applications.

They're great for making charts, repositioning pictures, or for any project where things need to be moved and moved again.
It stuck to my scalp very easily and held my extensions in for atleast two weeks, which my friends assured me was a long time compared to their's. I recommend using hair conditioner to get the glue out.Over all i think this is probably the best bonding glue there is on the market. The person in the hair store recommened Salon Pro Hair Bonding Glue, in dark as I was gluing in black hair.The bottle is 60ml (2fl. The only downside of PlasticWeld is that ita€™s a two-part epoxy which must be mixed in equal amounts to form the adhesive, which can get messy. More than twice the size of regular glue sticks, they're also great for kids just learning to glue. I never had a problem with any allergies to the product and found it stuck the hair on for quite some time, this normally used to last me roughly 2-3 weeks per sitting.I found it extremely hard to remove the extensions, even using the bonding remover. However, I soon found that the glue was irritating my scalp and making me itch underneath the extensions! Then the next week i will dye my hair black because i got bored of blonde and then 2 days later ill be like ooooh i want it blonde again, so as you can see im crazy.
Therea€™s also always the risk of burning yourself when dealing with this molten a€?gluea€?, which is in fact made of various plastics, usually Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This glue is anti-fungus, so no matter how long you have your extensions in, they won't go gacky or moudly. On the downside, it is true to its name in that ita€™s goopy, making it less than ideal for many small, delicate applications. I found the best way to remove this was to put on the bonding remover, then place a lot of conditioner on and try and comb them from the roots.Overall, this product is great, it holds the hair extensions in place although tricky to remove.
The bottle recommends that you stick the glue on the roots of your hair, rather than your scalp, so I thought I would try this technique.
Now i have actually got some bald bits, well not bald the hair is growing back but in tufts, so I have to cover it grrr, but hey what did I expect after years of manic bleaching.Anyway im sure you can guess my hair is not in very condition and what with all the dying is very short and i recently had it cut into a bob to regain some health. I wash my hair 4 times a week at minimum, and this glue has yet to let go of my hair, so the strength is pretty damn good, and to remove it, you just use the salon pro glue dissolver.
The extensions didn't seem to last as long this time, I could make them last two weeks if I didn't wash my hair, but my scalp did not itch which was a definate bonus to me!The first few times I removed the extensions, I washed my hair and they fell out when washing, I would then use half a bottle of conditioner to comb through my hair and remove any excess glue. This glue does have an odd smell to it, sort of reminds me of that copydex glue we used at school that smelt like fish. This pulled some of my hair out but not enought to cause me a major problem.However, the last time I did them, my hair was falling out in big lumps and, a few days later, I found glue embedded into my hair.

Luckily this smell only lasts for a few seconds until the glue is dry, otherwise I would not use it!This glue does have latex in it, so ensure you are not allergic to latex before use, or else you could have some serious problems.
Due to this, i had to cut severall layers of my hair down to an inch!Having experience this, I would not use extensions glue again and am now leaving my hair to grow.
I find this glue very easy to use, comes out of the nozzle at a good speed, and it dries in a good time, enabling you to put the hair in place without having to rush it, but not having to wait ages for the glue to dry after you have placed it in the hair.I buy this at a local afro-carribean hair store, but I believe it can be found in most places that sell hair care products and extensions, and I think it can also be bought on Salon Pros Website. Salon Pro do sell conditioner which is supposed to remove the extensions and the glue, however, I didn't find using this conditioner any different to any other.Althought the glue does stick the extensions in very well, leaving your hair looking gorgeous, I would not recommend using it due to my new found bald patches!!
I am sure if you look around online this can be found easily enough.For anyone who uses hair extensions, this glue is perfect, and I recommend it to everyone. Now its very easy to use, first you unscrew the lid and get rid of the plastic paper thing and then put the lid back on. Then you get your piece of hair extension and glue a thin line across the track ( the track is the bit that sticks to your head ). Too make sure it sticks I blast it with the hairdryer for like 10 seconds as it helps the glue stick and set.
Now it does glue firmly to the head you can jump up and down and tug it etc and it will not come out. Also if you get some on your skin you can easily peel it off which is good.Now your all thinking well thats great its a nice secure fit, well yes it is until you wash it. As soon as you wash it starts to loosen sometimes you can get away with a few washes and other times it slips out and you have to reglue which is not good because then you have even more glue in your hair. Also when you take them out so much glue remains in your hair and it is very hard to get all of it out. The majoirty will slip out with conditioner and a comb but the rest stays stuck in your hair and you really have to tug it out. Now believe me you lose sooo much hair and then your head hurts after from all the tugging.
So i dont fully recommend it but it does have some good points, if it wasent so hard to get out and didnt rip all my hair out it would be great.

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