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Hard-working, long-lasting Gorilla Wood Glue bonds stronger and faster for wood-to-wood applications.
Gorilla Wood Glue is made of a non-toxic, water-based, solvent-free polyvinyl acetate (PVA) that is approved by the FDA for indirect food contact.
Dick Blick Art Materials®, Blick®, Blick Studio®, and Artists Pick Blick® are registered trademarks of Dick Blick Holdings Inc. Krazy Glue Color Change formula dries clean, but goes on purple to make it easy to see where the instant glue has been applied. Only natural wood fibers are used, with no added dyes, creating a natural-looking bond line that is sandable and paintable.

Loctite® Extend Rust Neutralizer rust converter is extremely difficult to remove once dry. Since it's water-resistant, mildew-resistant, and solvent-resistant, it's ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
Avoid dripping by spraying a thin coat onto rusted surface 8 to 10 inches (20 – 25 cm) away until surface is lightly & evenly coated.
If not painting, protect from moisture & humidity & use third coat of rust neutralizer 24 hours after applying the second coat.
Loose rust, mill scale & oil paint should be removed preferably by power wire brushing, followed by rinsing with water to remove powder & solubles.
However, light color latex and metal filled paints require a solvent based primer on top of Loctite® Extend Rust Neutralizer before finish application.

On lightly rusted steel (that has been wire brushed), the first coat will start to develop a violet color within 60 seconds. Continuous exposure of Loctite® Extend Rust Neutralizer to water, solvents or chemicals can cause whitening, blistering or flaking of the latex film.
Loctite® Extend Rust Neutralizer should not be used in applications involving continuous immersion in water or fluids. On heavily rusted steel (that has been wire brushed), the first coat should develop a purple-black color within seconds.

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