I have a great alternative and I’m super-excited to share with you a really fun, new way to use digital scrapbooking supplies!  We are going to give ourselves a little hybrid manicure.
You will likely want to reduce the scale of your paper so that the design will better fit your nails.  Clip your papers to the boxes that you created. 6) Pour your alcohol into the small cup.  It should be deep enough that it can cover your finger. Does it last, you ask?  Absolutely!  I found that my manicure lasted about a week and I didn’t have any trouble with my images fading.
This tutorial uses a laser print (printed from my HP Color Laserjet 3550).  You could also use a laser copy. This does work because I have tried it ?? I don’t know if it would work with laser printers but if those aren’t working try using just a newspaper so you have words on your nails! If the paper sticks to your nails you either 1) kept the paper on too long or 2) didnt let your nail polish dry completely. Hi, English isn’t my native language and I have a hard time getting what kind of alcohol you’re using, is it regular alcohol, like vodka or rum? OMG this is just what I was looking for I’ve been searching the Internet for days!!!! I would like to know what kind of paper I’m suppose to use and if I should print in an industrial printer?
Try dipping the paper in alcohol instead of your finger, this worked better for me when I did this with a newspaper. We are a team of hybrid artists from The Digichick Boutique, here to share with you our love of papercrafting.
On our blog, you will find informative articles on cool little projects we've made combining digital scrapbooking supplies with paper, glue and scissors.
Digital products featured in posts found in The Vault may no longer be available, but the tips and techniques in the posts are still valuable information. We suggest definitions of closed drywall nail pops and open drywall nail pops such as shown in our page top photo. The drawing of nail pops shown below is provided courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates and appears in their Illustrated Home. As wood studs shrink, nail heads a€?popa€™ out from the drywall surface, causing a bump or the blemish on the wall or ceiling. The indentation is filled with joint compound, or if time is short, with Dash Patch™, and the wall is re-painted. A hammer with a clean face works fine, or if you're fussy, use a nail set (I don't know anyone who does that). Just be sure your drywall screws are fastened into the wood or metal joist or stud, as just screwing into the drywall alone is not effective. Below is a drywall nail pop that is barely discernable and does not merit special attention. This closed drywall nail pop shows up as a very slight raised bump that in some lighting may appear darker or lighter than surrounding area. The floating corner method can be used to float the ceiling drywall over the center partitions. The drawings of roof truss uplift and corrective measures for truss uplift shown here are provided courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates and appears in their Illustrated Home. Continue reading at DRYWALL CRACKS or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below.
Try the search box below or CONTACT US by email if you cannot find the answer you need at InspectApedia. Steven Bliss served as editorial director and co-publisher of The Journal of Light Construction for 16 years and previously as building technology editor for Progressive Builder and Solar Age magazines.
Paraphrasing from this document: USG uses the term shadowing in this document in describing the visual effect over gypsum board joints caused by the lower moisture absorption rate (take-up) and lower capacity than gypsum base face paper.

Metal Lath Specifications, Specification for metal lath and accessories, Lath and Plaster from Amico, a lath and plaster accessory producer. Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore.
I posted these vintage rose nails earlier this month, mentioning that they were a sudden whim (read: irresistible urge), even though I was in the middle of Christmas nail art and tutorials when I did them.
All you need to do these are your polishes, a paper plate or similar to put out some polish on, and a small dotting tool (or a toothpick, bent bobby pin, dried up ballpoint pen, etc.--though you could of course do these with acrylic paints and brushes if you prefer). So once your base colour is dry, on every other fingernail, paint 3-5 irregular spots of bright pink (I used OPI Pink Friday, from the Nicki Minaj collection). Letting those dry for a bit, use your dotting tool again to make polka dots (I've also seen stripes) on the other fingers. When you've finished your polka dots, your darker pink swooshes should be at least semi-dry.
These Vertical Stripe Nails helped satisfy the craving for nail art without taking up much time or concentration. Here I used two shades from the Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Collection coming out in January 2013 – Hit the Lights (yellow) and Spring Break (pink).
It would also be neat to do all different rainbow colours as the base shades with black or white stripes. What you’re gonna need to do is to wet the paper with the alcohol and if you want to you can also wet your nails with it. But this time, I applied the design to each nail before gluing the nail to my finger in order to avoid having to clean up the skin around my nail.
We hope you find these hybrid creations to be as fun and addicting as we have and that you try them out for yourself! Feel free to leave us a comment here and one of our Editors will be happy to get back to you! In most cases drywall nail pops are a cosmetic defect, though in some locations such as near a center partition below a truss roof, they may indicate interesting structural movement such as arching roof trusses.
It makes sense to wait to repair nail pops until you are planning to paint the building interior. You'll want to hammer in the popped drywall nails (gouging them out is possible but makes a much bigger mess). Then screw a drywall screw about an inch away on either side of the bad-behaving drywall nail.
At below left are typical closed nail pops associated with normal wood and material shrinkage - this in a home built in the 1970's. You can spot even the slightest nail pop or concavity in drywall by careful use of oblique lighting.
Set the screws just below the drywall paper surface but not so deep as to cut through the paper. Shadowing at joints occurs where veneer plaster is applied over tape joints, requiring a second coat to completely hide the tape, providing a visually uniform surface.
The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively.
And maybe it was because I was in "tutorial mode" at the time, but I actually remembered that waaaay back when I posted my first version of these last May, the fabulous Tara had asked me to do a tutorial for them.
After base coating I painted my nails with Jessica Surfer Boyz'n Berry (BTW, Jessica's website and the bottle disagree on where that apostrophe is supposed to go. These can be done with your dotting tool or, if it's small and easy enough to control, the polish brush itself.
What nail-art design do you tend to do when you don’t have time for something intricate?
I really love the yellow base colour, I can’t wait for the Selena collection to come out!

My only major criticism (which should come as no surprise…) is that there should be a greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!
I peeled it back after the alcohol dried, just enough to see if the entire thing transferred, if not, I laid it back down and wet the back of the paper with alcohol (since it just absorbs, the front gets wet too) and I just applied pressure again, especially to the places that hadn’t transferred . You can also visit our Hybrid Chick Chat forum at the Digichick to ask a question or to show off your own latest hybrid project! Then use drywall compound or a Dash Patch or Dash Patch mix with drywall to speed up the smoothing process before re-painting. The drywall nail head extends above the surrounding drywall but the paper surface has not torn. I followed the website when I posted my swatches of this polish, but it's "Boyz'n" on the bottle.
They don't need to be--really shouldn't be--perfectly round or uniform, and they should have enough room between for the leaves that come later. When it's ready, make sure you have a good amount of quick-drying top coat on the brush, and try to glide your brush over the top coat instead of making contact with the nail polish underneath. Wait a few minutes before painting the black stripes, so you don’t end up dragging the base polish. You can see that the original drywall hanger used pairs of drywall nails at each nail location. Special Offer: For a 10% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference Book purchased as a single order.
Now that spring is almost here again I thought it was finally time to write up and post this tutorial for how to do vintage rose nail art. Without really lifting your tool away from the nail, drag one dot into two at the base, near the flower, then drag the polish out to the point of the leaf.
Galow specializes in residential construction including both new homes and repairs, renovations, and additions. Thanks to Alan Carson and Bob Dunlop, for permission for InspectAPedia to use text excerpts from The Home Reference Book & illustrations from The Illustrated Home. These steps should help you avoid streaking your nail art, but even if you do get a little bit, it's a lot like the flowers themselves--from just a couple of feet away the tiny imperfections you might see close-up just sort of fade into the background, leaving you with cute, vintage-looking roses on your nails!
Other good choices might be China Glaze For Audrey, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Zoya Bevin or Wednesday, or a light, minty green like Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet or China Glaze Re-fresh Mint.
Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order. Done!    There will be little pieces of paper left behind but they peel off after your nails dry completely.
Reminds me a lot of doing a leopard print, so it should be managable ^^ I never thought of this, and it's probably much easier than the swirling-technique! It took a few times of trial and error to get it to come out right but I am pretty much obsessed now.
But get this- I just tried it with a plain old piece of scrapbook paper and that worked too!
Special Offer: For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Home Reference eBook purchased as a single order. Really hope you decide to give it a try--I would LOVE to see your results, and if you have any questions at all, just hit me up!

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