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I'm a nerd for this kind of stuff, anything that changes colors, glows or sparkles I will probably like.
The Hot Topic polish is available year round and is relatively easy to find at any Hot Topic store or on their website, the Cabaret polish is only available at Rite Aid when they put out their Halloween displays. I went to Rite Aid tonight and these were all already gone from that display so it could be hard to come by. I bought the Hot Topic Black Light polish a long time ago and just recently a couple weeks ago picked up the Cabaret Black Light Magic.

Another pro for both is that they did not alter the look of the polish I have on underneath in regular light.
MaynardOctober 18, 2012 at 6:39 PMI bought a mixed lot on eBay and ended up with this Cabaret polish - except almost all the black writing on the front is rubbed off.

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