In metallurgy rose gold is the result of mixing copper, gold, and sometimes a bit of silver, together. As you can see, for this feature I was fairly loose with my definition of rose gold and took the liberty of including shades that are quite dark and bronze-like together with much lighter, champagne-pink tones. I’ve been scoping out the looks from NYC, London, Paris and Milan and the major nail art trends tend to lie with Moon Manicures, Non-Traditional French, Texture and Negative Space Nail Art. For the runway, Miss Pop Nails used Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat, Essie Lilacism, Essie Licorice and blue painters tape. Tip: To make sure that my spaces were evenly sized, I layered five pieces of painters tape and cut them all at the same time. Step 3 – Apply a piece of tape, on an angle, from the upper left tip to the lower right corner of the nail. Step 7 – Clean up any polish mistakes and float a layer of top coat over the design, about 10 minutes later to avoid smudging. I totally want to try this, but with the teal explosion I have on my nails now, I might have to wait a bit because I think my poor nails might be stained, which wouldn’t really work when rocking this look!
I’ve seen negative space manis several times and, for some reason, they creep me out.

OPI Gwen Stefani Nail Polish Collection – Swatches & ReviewThe Gwen Stefani for OPI collection is finally here and all I can say is, IT'S ABOUT TIME.
OPI Infinite Shine Review & SwatchesOPI has entered the gel hybrid game with OPI Infinite Shine. If there’s one beauty lesson I wish I would have learned as a young girl, it would be to apply ALL THE SUNSCREEN and STAY OUT OF THE TANNING BED. From Caribbean beaches to African safaris to the North Fork coastline, the essie Resort palettes always promise us a colorful adventure.
I'd like to build a small collection of classic pieces, and would love to get a nice rose gold watch soon! Have you grown tired yet of the rose-gold trend in jewelry and watches or do you hope it's here to stay?
It’s the negative space designs that really caught my eye, especially the look created by Miss Pop Nails for Essie at Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan. Lilac isn’t really a shade I gravitate towards but balanced with jet black, it really pops.
If you leave a little gap between pieces at the bottom, they’re easy to pull apart and you get perfectly even isosceles triangles.

I hope you’ll join me, Jen and Sarah from Chalkboard Nails in this fun, hour-long Twitter chat.
I just painted my nails a beautiful pale blue lavendar grey yesterday and was seeking some ideas to add creativity and drama to it and here you are with this wonderful mani! Today, the rose gold trend has been going strong for a couple of years, and just as in the jewelry world, in the current beauty world there is also an abundance of rose gold options available. While this was a sponsored opportunity from HSN, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. Inspired by the opulent silks, saturated hues and golden desert sands, these four colors are taking us on one vibrant ride.
This enduring popularity is not surprising given that this golden-copper-silver hybrid is flattering on a wide variety of skin tones and can be found in a spectrum of shades ranging from cool rose to warm, coppery hues--so whatever your preference, there is bound to be a suitable rose gold out there for you!

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