You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The product shown here is VAT exempt for customers suffering from "chronic" medical conditions such as Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Atopic Eczema.
The Dermfix 2000MX model is fitted as standard with 2 x 9 Watt UVB Narrowband 311nm bulbs for twice the power output, and faster treatment times compared to our best-selling Dermfix 1000MX unit.
I've been a psoriasis sufferer for a number of years now and have run the gamut of different steroid creams, acitretin etc. I've not been in a position to complete UVB therapy at the hospital due to work and family commitments so finally decided it was time to invest in a unit of my own. The unit itself is fantastically well made (hospital quality) and the additional functionality over the 1000MX unit (2 x tubes for shorter usage times, built in stand with adjustable neck, built in timer) are well worth the additional cost. I will update this review further as time goes on but so far can only sing the praises of the unit itself and the difference it is making. After using the lamp for a month I was astonished with the results - would 100% recommend this for other people with psoriasis.

After several years of suffering with Psoriasis a friend of mine recommended one of the Androv Medical hand held lamps. The Dermfix 2000MX has made it much easier for me to do other things while I treat my Psoriasis.
Results were outstanding, would highly recommend this product - you'll not be disappointed.
This seems to be a well-designed and well-constructed product, and I think it is helping me with my skin condition - although it is early days as yet. Within a week of using it the patches of psoriasis had calmed down and I was soon able to wear short sleeved shirts with confidence. I applied it to my lower legs for one or two minutes a day for three days (spread over two or three sessions a day) and got redness and swelling, just as in sun-burn. A doctor's note is not necessary and the declaration by yourself, a parent, guardian, doctor or another responsible person is acceptable. Having used it for a few years I found that using the handheld device for around 20 minutes a day was restrictive and I could miss a few sessions.

There has been an added benefit, after reading some of the comments here I have tried using it on my feet. I was applying it to three sites on my legs in succession - 20 to 50 seconds each, with a gap of a few seconds in between. 90 seconds per affected area which seems to be the sweet spot for me at the moment to ensure maximum effectiveness without causing burning of the skin. The instructions need to warn to look out for redness and to stop using immediately if seen.

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