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Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. The intensity of the new Tuffleye light, shown below, makes it a snap to cure since it cures so deep into the fly.

Same safe Visible Blue (not UV) light with a newly developed LED that has twice the curing power for faster curing time. To make it better, we are selling this amazing new silver LED light through the end of the year at the same price as the our original blue light. You choose the light you want to use and Tuffleye provides the material with the price to impress you. We are happy to inform you that our new TOP COAT product (used on the right) has been formulated to remove those reactive chemicals and give you a beautiful and long lasting clear coat of acrylic to complement and protect your work without damaging chemical reactions.

Top Coat dries fast and can be simply brushed on like the coating materials you currently use. We also have a Thinner which can be added to the Top Coat and allows you to obtain the consistency that fits your needs the best.

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