Established in the Mid 1990’s, Four M Enterprises has been continually bringing innovative products to the building industry of Pakistan. Day lighting is the practice of placing windows or other openings and reflective surfaces so that during the day natural light provides effective internal lighting.
Grid-tie savings and off-grid independence – an uninterrupted power supply with $0 energy bill!
That must be the biggest question in your mind after you have created good patio decoration with best furniture application. We are Pioneers in introducing novel products such as a complete line of products including fabrication, ranging from Poly carbonate sheets Hollow sheets, Flat sheets, Solid sheet, shutter wall sheet, Diffusion sheet. Particular attention is given to day lighting while designing a building when the aim is to maximize visual comfort or to reduce energy use.
The amount of daylight received in an internal space can be analyzed by undertaking a Daylight factor calculation. Those are what we can deliver for you, it is hoped that what you have got here will be something beneficial for you to get the best deck design.

Energy savings can be achieved either from the reduced use of artificial (electric) lighting or from passive solar heating or cooling. Today, the use of computers and proprietary industry software such as Radiance can allow an Architect or Engineer to quickly undertake complex calculations to review the benefit of a particular design.
We carry good quality products & provided best services to meet our customer's requirements and are always keen to introduce innovative products to the market.
There are several benefits to having this area of your home illuminated, and there are a variety of experts at Touchstone Lights that are ready and willing to help you choose the lighting style that will suit you best.
After all, like any valuable purchase, your investment is important to you and should have this basic degree of protection. It has been shown time and time again that one of the greatest deterrents to theft is light.
After all, thieves tend to work in the night, and well-placed dock lighting can be the difference between a potential target and a secure boat. But if we only have the limited budget, giving lighting can be something complicated to deal.

For example, if you or another boater are attempting to dock at night, the light can guide you in safely. While other lighting companies or big-box stores will sell you the lighting, the illumination experts at Touchstone Lights can ensures that you have your lights installed at the proper height and angle to reduce possible water glare. Also, if disembarking your boat at dusk, then you can be sure that you have secure footing. The greatest part about this dock lighting is that it can be set on a motion sensor, so that as soon as you are a certain distance from your dock, the lights activate.
This saves money and allows you to have energy independence in the long run.If you are looking for dock-lighting options, then you should consider contacting an illumination expert at Touchstone Lights for a free consultation today.

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