We have 11,681 Mutual Fund Schemes that are currently available in the market (Equity & Debt Schemes).
A ‘good mutual fund scheme’ is the one that consistently manages to outperform its category returns and also it’s Benchmark’s. I had published on article on ‘Best Equity mutual Fund schemes 2015’ almost 12 months back. Let me now present you the latest & updated list of the best mutual funds for SIPs (or) lump sum investments in 2016 and beyond.
I have tried my best to analyze and identify top three best equity mutual fund schemes across five different Fund categories – Large Cap, Multi-cap, Small & Mid cap, Balanced and ELSS tax saving categories.
Below parameters have been considered for short-listing the 15 top performing Equity mutual funds that can be considered in 2016 and beyond. I have considered the past returns generated by these funds for the last 1 year, 5 year, 10 year period and since inception.
Like last time, in this review too I have not considered the STAR ratings of funds provided by ranking agencies.
Below are some of the top performing best mutual funds that you can consider for investing in 2016 and beyond. When compared to last year’s best large cap funds list, UTI Opportunities Fund has been replaced by Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity fund. Franklin India Prima Plus fund is still one of the most consistent diversified or multi-cap funds. Mirae Asset India Opportunities fund invests around 75% of its portfolio in large-cap stocks and the remaining in mid or small cap stocks. Franklin India High Growth Companies fund is another fund to watch for in Flexi-cap fund category. Small & Mid cap funds are the ones which can give you high double digit returns if you remain invested for longer period. Child plans of  Mutual Funds like HDFC Children’s Gift fund have also been giving good returns.
If you are new to mutual fund investments or do not have time to invest manually, the best way to invest in equity mutual funds is through SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans).
Portfolio Return – If one of the schemes in your MF portfolio is not performing well, do not immediately churn your portfolio.
You may allocate and invest more monies in Small & Mid-cap oriented funds for long-term goals.
Invest in Equity funds based on your future goals & financial resources and not based on your current age. Some of your goals especially short-term ones can be achieved by investing in best Debt Mutual Funds.
In case if your fund(s) are not in the above list, it does not mean that you need to replace them immediately. If you are a DIY investor (Do-It-Yourself), trust your MF picking skills & your conviction. I invested Lumpsum in MIP as suggested by you and Some in Balanced fund with STP of 6 moths.
Was thinking of going for Franklin india smaller companies fund or if you can suggest any other better than this.

Appreciate your help in sharing few (maybe top 4-6 funds) that i can add to my SIP portfolio. As you have a short-term horizon, you may consider a Dynamic Bond + MIP Aggressive Fund + Arbitrage Fund. Now I would like to take the MF via systematic plan , in the name of my wife who is a housewife .
1 – Given a choice between Birla Sun Life Advantage Fund Vs ICICI PRu value discovery Vs Franklin Prima plus, will go with ICICI fund (considering 10 year horizon).
Everyone who is having some liabilities or having dependent people should purchase a pure term insurance policy.
Everything whatever we do first time look difficult and tedious and same is with mutual fund investment.
Currently Indian market is in bull phase and the new investors are happy by seeing the growth of their investments. Rupee cost averaging: This is not as complex as it sounds but a simple formula and one of the best features of SIP. All the investors who invest through SIPs capture the lows as well as the highs of the market and always are in a win-win situation.
Since you get more units when the NAV drops and fewer when it rises, the cost averages out over time. With Obamacare front and center in the national psyche, it makes sense to look to the healthcare sector for growth opportunities. Due importance have been given to Standard Deviation, Alpha, Beta, Sharpe Ratio and overall Risk grades of the funds.
Usually these star ratings reflect the short term (1 or 2 year’s) performance of the funds. Though this fund was not in the 2015 list, I have mentioned it as one of the best Equity large-cap funds to watch out for. HDFC Top 200 has given decent returns for the last 10 years, but off-late the returns have been not up to the mark.
This fund is one of the oldest equity funds.  The fund has lagged behind its benchmark only in three of the last 19 years. The average returns have been around 15.35% from this category over the last 5 year period. But there are certain terms & conditions associated with investments in these kind of funds. To get good returns, it is not compulsory that that you have to invest in atleast one fund from each category. You may consider redeeming MF units by starting SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan) may be 2 to 3 years before the goal year. For example – If you are a retiree (say 65 years) and have regular income which is more than your monthly living expenses, you can surely invest a portion of your surplus income in hybrid or equity oriented mutual funds. As mentioned earlier, it is a tough task to not only identify best mutual  funds but also to be with the best consistently. In case, if you take mutual fund agent or advisor’s help , kindly take informed decisions. He is an Independent Certified Financial Planner (CFP), engaged in blogging, financial counseling & property consultancy for the last 6 years through his firm ReLakhs Financial Services .

If you can afford to take risk then you may allocate a minor portion of your corpus in a Balanced fund. I have used word purchase because it is a expense (and should be a mandatory expense) which provides cover to life.
This closed end fund aims to invest 80% of its assets in health services and medical technology companies and current holdings include some the biggest names in biopharma: Gilead Sciences (GILD), Celgene (CELG), Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN) and Biogen (BIIB). He is the CEO of Tekla Capital Management, and also formerly headed a development stage biotech company. Also, the closed end fund boasts a year-to-date return of a whopping 47%, and a five-year return of 23%. The fund generally buys and holds stocks that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. Sometimes, it is prudent to analyze the overall portfolio performance than to get too worried about individual fund’s performance. As long as your overall portfolio returns are in line with your expectations (should be realistic) , remain invested with your existing mutual fund schemes.
Based on the sip calculator for this requirements, i think i have to invest around 80-90 thousand per month. In the past month alone, Shopify has risen 27 percent, coming off a strong Q2 earnings beat in early August.The sentiment surrounding the company remains strong, with analyst upgrades continuing to pour in. While investing the same amount in a fund at regular intervals over time, you buy more units when the price is lower. Since the interest in bank FDs are areound 7.5% only, I want to invest this money for 5 years in MFs where my principal will be safe and will get atleast 10 to 12% interest. By starting small you will see that over the years you have built a good corpus that gives handsome returns too. So can you please suggest me funds in how many funds I have to invest the entire amount and also in lump sum or SIP.
Monday, KeyBanc increased its price target for Shopify from $40 to $43 with an attached Buy rating.Shopify continues to add merchants, with over 300,000 now on the platform, up from 175,000 from a year prior. Only an application form along with desired mode of payment is to be submitted with the mutual fund co. An investor has an option of making the payment either by post-dated cheques or by giving a mandate to the mutual fund company to directly debit the account. It is always easier to start investing with a few hundreds every month, rather than investing lump sum in one shot.
With this kind of amazing feature in the SIP, rupee cost averaging can smoothen out the market’s ups and downs and reduce the risks of investing in volatile markets. Since my wife is employed and I have some small source of income I can manage my day today expenses for 4 to 5 years. One person will be randomly selected to win a $20 Amazon gift card!Latest Ratings for ADBE Date Firm Action From To Aug 2016 Stephens & Co.

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