Create your basic image (don’t worry about the little details as they get added later) by drawing on the cardboard. Next, use the glue stick to go over the parts of the piece that don’t have the dried glue.
Put a piece of toilet paper, or a thin, soft cloth, over your fingertip and carefully (don’t rip the foil!) go over both the raised, and flat, parts of the image.
Wipe off the polish, taking care to let the very dark parts of the polish, right up against the edges of the raised parts stay. Cookies on the Artful Dodgers websiteWe use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I liked the glitter so much I decided to add another layer of a different type of glitter when the first layer dried. Thanks so much Bethany for sharing these incredible snowflakes and contributing to this years series. For more Handmade Christmas Ornament inspirationincluding all of the ornaments in this series{as well as the 25 ornaments from last year}simply click the button above. So pretty!I ♥ snowflakes and stars for our tree…Do you think you can add the glitter when it is still warm-so its a bit more translucent? Just a note they actually make glitter hot glue sticks I’m going to experiment with them as well. I would recommend using Parchment paper instead of wax paper, it eliminates the need for dish detergent. I bet you could even sprinkle epsom salts on top while the glue is still hot for a crystally type look! For the person that asked about leaving the glitter off…there are glue sticks out there that are pre mixed with glitter already in them. There actually is a glue stick that has clear iridescent glitter in it but it definitely won’t give you the same effects as the loose glitter.
I’ve seen a lot of cool things in my 15+ years of surfing the Web, but I kid you not, this is one of THE coolest ideas I’ve ever seen!
I love this idea, but have had some difficulty when trying to remove it from the waxed pape.
My mother and I did something similar for easter eggs as a child only we used sugar water for the glue and a balloon for the form , obviously these we not permanent but they were fun . Yeah, I think and hope that everyone who stumbles across this site purchases and destroys several bouncy balls and then throws them into the ocean for their naturalistic hemp balls.
And as far as worrying about the heat from the light bulbs…use the energy effecient bulbs they have now.

I like this idea, but am hoping to do something with wire, rather than hemp (bending it around the ball). These are such lovely lamps and they seems to be easy to make.Well,I wanted to learn hemp patterns that can be used for making lamps? Love this project – in the process of making one using an exercise ball (has lines already going around it for instant measurements. Julie – Yes, because the Hemma cord set does not disassemble like some of those found at hardware stores, you will have to leave another small hole at the top.
Has anyone considered the same process, but using glossy silver metallic wire which wouldn’t need glue? The hot glue was not holding really well on these plastic coated straws so I added some colored string to help them stay together. Using the downloadable pattern trace your easel onto the cardboard and cut out.  For the larger easel I added some ribbon hot glued in to keep it from spreading too far apart. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the Artful Dodgers website. The glue will easily peel off once dry and I have never had a problem with bits of paper sticking to it and you don’t need to wash it afterward. I’m not hating on the glitter, but if I made one for someone who wasn’t a glitter fan, can anyone think of any problems with making one and skipping the steps from the Mod Podge onward? I have searched and searched and searched, and the only ones I found cost money to get them..
I plan to use a cross image with a swirly design inside it, to make ornaments for my mom’s white Easter tree. Cover your work surface with trash bags or a drop cloth, and put on gloves (this gets messy). The best way, I found, to apply the glue is to squeeze a quarter size amount onto your fingers and run the hemp string through the glue and then wrap it around the ball.
I made a similar lamp but I used a round balloon, which was a huge pain because when I popped it, it exploded and was difficult to pick off of the string. You could hang them from a harp or wrap the string around something cylindrical instead of circular (maybe a small plastic trash can?) and tie it onto a lampshade top ring. I found your blog at 5am this morning in a caffeine fueled google session and I’m in LOVE!
She was able to feed the wires through the top of the hemp ball before attaching them to the fixture at the ceiling. You will need some light electrical experience to know how to wire it (I had the help of my fiance).

I’ve loved the Random Pendants from DWR for so long, I need to get stocked for this project immediately. Nice idea though, I love homemade ornaments and my kids would love decorating them once o make them. If there are any areas that seem weak, you can apply a little extra glue to give it more strength. Also very beautiful is the hardware you used for the light itself, could i ask what hardware or where you got it from? Other than that, make sure the shade is far enough away from the bulb (you could add some kind of spacer), and space out your string enough so that air can escape. Do you realise that many of your projects including the jam jar lanterns, salvage cupboard tray, cake stands and shuttered noticeboard (great for unique guest book) are just screaming WEDDING!?
I followed the instructions to the core and my lamp turned out amazing.I gave a link to your blog for instructions, on my blog.
She mentioned it earlier in the article and when I went to the link it has the same hardware. A tip though, when doing it, try not to stop in the middle, like you said about continuous flow because it will start to pull the glue away from the paper while you’re doing the project!
The empty circle will be used in assembling the light fixture and will allow you to have access for changing light bulbs. I tried two other methods that also worked reasonably well, but were much more time consuming and made a bigger mess. While installing the light string, feed the wires through the circle hole of the lamp and up through the top, so that the light bulb will hang down in the center of the sphere. I left a hole at the bottom for the bulb but I am confused about how to fit the cord and plug through the top part without having to cut out a hole.
We’ve got free quotes to download below if you want to have positive messages around the house and also a free pattern for the poster board easels. If the light fixture you are using has lamp shades, make sure that the circles are big enough for the shades to easily pass through. You can fill a shallow tub with the glue and run the hemp string through it, or you can apply the glue directly to the string from the bottle.
I’ve seen others make string lamps using balloons (which are oval), but Heika has an innovative solution for achieving perfectly round lamp shades.

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