We loved the stained glass so much that we made all kinds of glass decor: ornaments, wine glasses and candle votives.
To take your stained glass to the next level, try using painters tape to create patterns on the ornament. To make sure the ornaments dry without smudging, hang them on string tied between two weighted bottles. When I got home this weekend, I had some free time and decided to put my leftover glasses from the chalkboard wine glass project and my new Martha Stewart glitter set to good use by making these pretty glitter wine glasses. Sprinkle glitter on the base and stem of each glass one at a time, shaking off the excess onto a piece of cardstock and pouring it back into the container so you don't waste glitter or make a mess! To do this, swirl the food coloring (2 drops) and the glue, then add a few drops of water to thin out the coloring. You can do stripes, strips or swirls — whatever your heart desires.To get a more dramatic layered look, put on more coats of the non-diluted stain.

Go to a well ventilated area (trust me on this one!) Spray a thin, even coat of the spray on to each glass. If you have a cat like mine who likes to knock everything over, I suggest putting them on top of your fridge or a very high cabinet so they don't get ruined. I'll have to be very careful when washing them by hand and they most definitely can't go in the dishwasher (not that I have one anyway!) But the clear coat of spray really helps to lock in the glitter so it doesn't shake off all over the place when you use the glasses. After painting the solid ornament, we started to get a little more creative with our painting. Simply follow the directions for the solid ornaments, and suddenly those IKEA wineglasses will look like they came from West Elm! Take care not to spray too much or else the glitter will become wet and drip down the glass, which you definitely do not want!
If you’re looking for a new way to decorate, these easy stained glass ornaments are the perfect touch.

We had a great time catching up, visiting museums, riding to the top of the Arch and seeing the Bruins beat the Blues!
And what’s even more amazing is that you only really need two ingredients: glue and food coloring! I had a left over glass vase from the Dollar store and couldn't quite decide what to do with it. Don't worry if you mess up, when the hot glue dries you can simply peel it off (yeaaaaa!!!)-Let the glue set-Take outside to a ventilated area and apply two to three coats on the outside of the vase with spray paint.
I used a metallic paint and let it dry about 5 minutes between each coat to avoid drips.-Let the paint set for a few hours -Set upon a shelf to admire or gather a handful of flowers and give to your mother or do what ever you like with it :)Now go have fun and paint something!

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