You may not be familiar with the term decoupage, but it is a method of decorating your house that gives it a completely unique look and personalised feel.
To start your decoupage journey, you will need coloured paper cut outs, which you can get from leftover wallpaper after papering a room in your home. You can decoupage almost any piece of furniture as long as it is possible to glue paper and paint it.
The most common items to decoupage are either boxes, like jewellery boxes or chests, or furniture that is predominantly for display purposes. Make sure you over-stock on all different colours, styles and designs of paper so you can create an explosion of colour and beauty on whatever you are transforming. Of course, you can choose to stick with just a couple (or even just one) of designs if you have something very specific in mind for whatever you are decorating.
A fantastic trick to make your furniture or trinket look as though it was manufactured that way is to slap on multiple coats of varnish (sometimes up to 40 layers, which then requires sanding to a polished finish) when you are finished.
You can 3D decoupage, which includes layering multiple pieces of foam spacers to create an image of depth, covered by coloured strips again.
Having first started in East Siberia as tomb art, decoupage spread throughout East Asia and was used to decorate traditional pieces of Chinese furniture such as lanterns and boxes. Through trade links with Europe, and Italy in particular, decoupage travelled from China to Europe via traders, and with the renaissance already in full swing, and technological inquisitiveness for artistic progression, decoupage has been transforming ever since.
Modern decoupage has evolved to involve high-tech printers, resin and enamel sprays, making the production much simpler.

In today's market, "green" or environmentally sound products are very important for the planets future and all our health.
Subscribe for weekly updates and a FREE copy of my guide, Positively Healthy: Lifestyle Hacks to Help Parents & Kids Thrive! With the cold winter months ahead, I decided I better come up with a few things to entertain the kiddo indoors.  I found an easy tutorial from One of a Kind Gift Ideas for a darling monster sock puppet and went to work!
Step 3: Cut the toe off the end of your sock, slide your arm through and adjust the cardboard to work as a mouth (fold in half). Step 4: Roll the ends of the sock under and hot glue them to the felt covered cardboard to create the mouth. Step 5: Decorate!  I used pom poms for the eyes, felt for the razor back and hot glued on random pom poms all over the body.  Just be creative!
Sign up for our free email newsletter and we will send you Our Best Dinner Recipes eCookbook absolutely FREE! Today we’re continuing our Homemade Halloween series with a costume inspired by Carmen Miranda. Step 1: Use a hot glue gun to attach the larger pieces of plastic fruit to the paper plate in the shape of a tower. Step 3: Punch small holes in the sides of the paper plate and attach elastic so that the strap fits snugly around your chin.

This is similar to 3D decoupage but the shapes from the coloured paper are cut into identical shapes that get progressively smaller until they reach the peak of the pyramid. My girls absolutely love painting and cutting their art work, then hanging it on our wall to bring in some of summers brights fun colors.
I’m teaching an art class at our homeschool co-op next year and the little kids will love this! I am featuring this on my blog later today when I highlight sewing and craft projects for kids. Thank you so much; I now have a lovely sock monster for my friend and her 1 year old ?? Great tutorial and such a cute puppet!! Because we have been visiting the beach so much already they wanted to create ocean animals. Allow to completely dry and then sponge on red paint on the other side until the entire paper plate is red.

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