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Appliance and equipment standards are saving saving consumers and businesses billions of dollars.. New energy efficiency standards for commercial refrigeration equipment to cut businesses’ energy bills and carbon pollution.
Manufacturers have been required to comply with the department of energy's (doe) energy conservation standards for residential dishwashers since 1988.. Manufacturers required comply department energy' (doe) energy conservation standards residential dishwashers 1988..
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I plan to weld some V-band flanges to header tubes then a reducer to standard exhaust tubing. 18g tube can be tricky to weld continuous if your fit-up is less then perfect, ie, the cuts aren't true or the tubing is a wee bit out of round. Welding just do what needs to be done to keep the puddle from getting to hot and blowing through. Now while Jaysin is not a fan of the stop and start method (tackity tack tack) I am and have used it the past with good results to each there own. In fact the best welding instructor I ever had in collage taught me that style and proved it was a useable technique with a bend test. Clamp the vband together to help with warpage, I wouldn't take it apart until it has fully cooled.

It seems a lot more likely I would burn through or get off path running a continuous bead for any length. With the tack method, I can reposition each time, line up however I want and pull the trigger.
I watched the following video that recommended a series of high heat tack welds with time to cool in between.
Is this a good method for welding exhaust or should I be running continuous beads at lower heat?

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