Form and function are carried throughout the design in the thoughtful approach to signature furniture elements and durable but stylish finishes in the guest rooms and lobby. Designed as a four-story, 70 room new construction hotel, GLo is forecast to cost $65,000 per key and depending on the market, generate a healthy average daily rate of approximately $90 in the U.S. The LED Lenser M7 features Smart Light Technology - an advanced system of computer-optimized microprocessors enabling multiple light programs that run up to eight different functions - all operable from a single switch. In addition, Smart Light Technology also optimizes energy consuption through the choice of either Energy Saving (runs the light at decreasing levels of power to extend the battery life) or Constant Current (runs the light at full power until the battery is depleted) modes. The M7 LED flashlight also features 3 program modes, allowing you to select the light functions you need for your situation.
The M7 LED Flashlight's Advanced Focus System reflector-lens optics system combines the light-quality of a lens with the power of a reflector. Powered By OpenCart Log Cabin Grub or A Happy Camper © 1997-2016 All Rights Reserved, Worldwide.

Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. GLo is a broad-midscale new construction brand that offers a hip, boutique-style experience for savvy travelers who expect the best in value, design and comfort. GLo’s architecture and design have elements that speak to the name with the use of signature LED elements.
For example, the floor plan is designed so that the adjacent guest room baths are center-loaded, saving about 40-50 square feet in construction costs. Each brand is positioned to serve the varying needs of today’s business and leisure travelers.
The beam of the M7 can be quickly and easily focused with one hand by simply sliding the head of the flashlight forward and back. The Advanced Focus System emits a circular, homogonous light pattern indicative of a lens, while eliminating the loss of light over long distances that goes along with this through the use of reflectors which, by themselves, would create "rings" and "holes" in the light.

LED lighting is articulated on the side of the building and in the glowing blue scarf, providing an unmistakable beacon at night, while the “Lite Brite” wall greets guest outside and extends inside behind the glowing welcome desk. Finishes add to the warmth of GLo’s chic and contemporary design and create an ambience that is both energetic and comfortable for guests to relax and hang out. The family of brands is comprised of Best Western Premier, BW Premier Collection, Best Western Plus, Best Western Plus Executive Residency, Vib, GLo and Best Western. Smart Light Technology drives the 8 light functions of this award-winning light, and the patented Advanced Focus System provides consistent, high-quality focused light over a long range.
The even, far-reaching, efficient beam of light produced by the LED Lenser Advanced Focus System creates an even, full-coverage beam of light that can reach long distances when needed.

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