We can help you file a claim so that you don’t have to foot the bill for your auto glass repair all by yourself. Simply put – when you turn to the Auto Glass Rescue team, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the most state-of-the-art windshield repair in Leander, TX, every time!
Best Buy Auto Glass has been providing quality service to Colorado's Front Range since 1994. As a member of Lynx Services, LLC and the SGC Network, Best Buy Auto Glass is nationally approved by all major insurance companies. Best Buy Auto Glass is pleased to offer a 1 year warranty against leaks on all auto glass installations. Well, right off the bat, you have to admit that this is a magnificent open wheel Sprint Car.

Notice the driver leaning to the left in a turn to counter the centrifugal force on the car.
These cars usually sat a bit higher in the rear mostly from the fact that the rear tires were two inches bigger in diameter than the front tires.
This was one of the favorite Dayton Wheels that found their way onto several types of period racecars. The dark-in-color Harford friction shock can be clearly noted in this view of the left rear of the car. Period drivers of these cars often taped women’s powder puffs on their wrists to wipe off their goggles hen at speed.
First, it carries a period power plant with a Ford Model B four-cylinder engine which carries an aftermarket 10-1 compression Cyclone head.

Fuel pressure is applied manually by the driver with an air pump mounted on the side of the car. Also in that location is long handle for applying the Hartford rear friction brakes which are only on the rear of the car.The remainder of the powertrain consists of a stock 1928 Ford transmission and a multi-cisc clutch. It weighed about 1300 pounds which is about the same as a modern Sprint Car.This is an all-aluminum body, but there were many others that used steel.

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