This Gel Nail Art Ideas is a nice wallpaper and stock photo for your computer desktop and your personal use, and it is available in wide and high resolutions.
Today i would like to tell you about a little test, that i was doing on a new product by Essence – a peel off base coat. And when that was done, i even decided to top all that with my most favorite top coat – Better that gel nails top sealer by Essence studio nails. I use a little orange wood stick, that is a great tool to push back cuticles ect to help me carefully lift up the edges. I have to say, it doesn’t come off like a nail sticker, all in one piece and you should obviously not perform any harsh movements, since you never know, where the polish really sticks to your nail bed. For me the process didn’t feel too pleasant, as i usually never peel off my nail polish (we all know how bad it is to do that!
If we keep in mind, that i had quite a thick layer of different polishes on, my nails looked clean and not damaged. I have a few matte polishes as well and i like to change the look of my nails from time to time. This is going to be a life changing product for me–I’m obsessed with wearing glitter nail polish, I just love how it looks!
I’ve seen tutorials for using glue as base for glitter, but I was always worried that it would damage the nail or come right off.
I hope you get to try this or very similar product, because it makes it so easy to use the glitter polishes more often.

This could make me fall in love with glitter polish, it’s too much of a hassle to usually wear it because taking it off is such a pain for me and I always end up picking it off and damaging my nails.
In fact i have heard from other bloggers about the glue trick, but i have never tried myself.
I just used that glitter topper, since i wanted to try both, the peel off and the glitter one.
I’m sure if Essence is not being sold in India, you will find another brand that sells a product like that. I gave the Essence Peel Off Base Coat t a try when it first started to appear on shelves here in Germany and while I loved the concept, I was unimpressed with the actual product in the end. And as i used 3 coats of it, it worked as a “foil” in the end, maybe that was the trick??
So perfect combination of style and brightness will be a good addition to summer party dress. You apply a thick coat of the polish, that looks just like a regular white at first, then wait until it’s dry and become completely┬átransparent. I simply did my manicure 2 hours before bed time, so my nails had the chance to really dry through over night.
Its interesting how the market for nail products suddenly took centre stage a year or so ago. But i guess all the rand are trying to jump on that nail art train and it really seems to work.

Use your imagination to combine the best color like soft blue and soft pink, gold glittery nail with black, yellow with dark blue and so on. I mean, the foil method works but my cuticles and skin around my nails hate me when I do that ?? Oh… have you tried Bourlesque yet?
I want that peel off base because I have lots of glitters and from the new Golden Rose Jolly Jewels collection that are fantastic! If you visit a nail shop, you will see their nail technician perform the simple nail art like drawing. In the next days maybe I’ll write a post on it, so I can compare Vinavil and this peel off polish, so I can explain better how to do! They just use pen and nail polish ideas to create flower, dots, stripe, even tipping the edge of you nail by it. They said they`ll import it here, in Bulgaria, but we have to wait- till when?- we don`t know… And the top coat- I know it`s Seche Vite`s dupe which means- reaaaaaaally good product.

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