Because undermounts are installed from underneath instead of dropped in from above, they have invisible seams.
Undermount sinks are attached on the underside of the countertop using a combination of silicone caulk and epoxy. Because of the work involved with installing them, undermount sinks can easily become a relatively pricey investment, but an investment is truly what they are.
This entry was posted in Countertops, Remodeling and tagged Brunsell, Brunsell Lumber, Custom Millwork, Kitchen, Kitchen Remodel, Kitchen Sink, Lumber, Undermount Sink. The mount is the border that surrounds your picture within the frame and is a key element in the presentation and protection of your artwork.
The other main benefit of the mount is that it provides protection by keeping your artwork away from the glass. Now her bedroom is a long narrow rectangle shape and eventually there will be a set of bunk beds in there replacing the existing bed. So after much searching when I finally scored these two filing cabinets at the Salvation Army, it was time to get started on their makeover.
Make that I took photos and my husband who is a way better spray painter than I am painted them. We started with a trip to Home Depot where we met a great guy named Al who worked in the lumber department (who also had his own furniture making company) who was a Godsend with his help and suggestions on how we could effectively mount an 8 foot desk without brackets holding it up to the wall.
We laid out the blocks of scrap wood and the 2″ strip of wood to the underside of the maple desk block.
When it is that long, usually you either need a bracket, a cabinet or some form of support in the center under it so it won’t cave and sag.
The scrap blocks of wood were also there to add support and they would be resting on top of the filing cabinets. The bonus of the 2″ strip of wood was that it also concealed these scrap wood blocks.
We then placed the desktop on top of the filing cabinets and marked where one of the 3″ strips of wood would go under the desk, mounted to the wall.
The desktop was then securely screwed down into the 3″ strip that was now mounted to the wall. Another important finishing step we did was to put rounded trim at the raw unfinished edge of the desk. Eventually we want to put an EXPEDIT type of shelving unit to the left of the desk vs the TROFAST unit that is currently still there. Which leads me back to the evidence as to why I couldn’t show a finished shot of this desk in her room for the past while. There was Christmas art work and decorations that I was begged not to take down before January. So whoever tells you that their kids rooms always look like they do on Pinterest (or even in this case, the finished desk shot), they’re lying.

I don’t think the mess photo is really that bad… Paul went skiing a few weeks ago, and I was alone for a whole week and did no laundry and did not make the bed… and just threw stuff on the floor… and it was great. Although her room looks like it might be possibly painful to walk through without paying attention… however? I certainly hope mom and dad got some serious screams of excitement and maybe some handmade thank you’s for putting this fab desk together.
I think you need to start thinking of writing a book or something, as your work really is worth the read! As much as I would love to take credit for that, that was part of the really great advice given to us by the amazing coworker at Home Depot who really went out of his way to help us with the design process.
I have a friend whose sister got so fed up with her daughters room that she took the laundry and basically rolled it into a ball and wheeled it into her room one day. This is a great idea, we sell colourful filing cabinets here in the UK and have seen many of our customers try this very thing over the years for home offices or study, Now this is becoming even more popular in the modern bright office environment. Love this & your princess is completely right, aqua is gorgeous & completely of the moment!
They eliminate the usual crevices where crumbs and gunk tend to collect with other sink styles.
The super-strong bond prevents water seepage and allows the heavy sink to hold a substantial amount of dishes, pots, pans, and water without breaking loose. We actually had the desk completed in September of last year but I haven’t been able to show you the final product due to some evidence I will present at the end. She had turned 5 and all she does is draw from the moment she gets up to when she goes to sleep. We used Rustoleum Aqua because apparently the Queen of I love the colour Purple, has a new favourite colour.
So that is essentially what this 2″ strip of wood flipped on its side does towards the front of the desk. Half to create a more built in look, the other half to prevent markers from flying and decorating the wall on their own. We don’t own a router to do a bevel (the nice smooth rounded finish that normally appears at the edge of desktop) so this was a cost effective way of doing so. The honest to God best part of using trim at the edge of the desk, is that the markers and crayons do not roll off the edge and onto the carpet, leaving a trail of destruction.
Or maybe they just don’t have my daughter who I am convinced is going to wind up somewhere in a fashion house with a million sketches around her desk. I wish I had the space to do one for myself but that’s the longest bedroom in our home. And when I post something that was random or didn’t take long, they get good reviews. We basically explained our vision and he gave us a bunch of suggestions including that one, which is by far the most cost effective and in terms of design it looks really nice.

I was just telling my husband that I have an idea that turns a filing desk into a table for our print-making studio, using wood on the tops of the cabinets to make a table. The idea is definitely for her and her sister to share it when we have them in the same room together. As much as I love pinterest, really, how often do we get a chance to see kid’s rooms being actually used by kids? I am like my kitchen is bad enough but now people’s washer and dryer combos make me want to put out my non-existent fancy plates on them and have a candle lit dinner.
As an example a customer bought 2 Purple filing cabinets and Topped it off with a Granite effect Kitchen style worktop available at the local DIY store.
Think of the Titanic, of the earth suddenly opening up to swallow a home, or of hearts dropping in disappointment. But this only works if the sink is attached to a solid, weight-bearing, and water-resistant countertop material. The best way to stave off cracking is to wipe down the caulking with a dry cloth after you use the sink.
I forwarn this is going to be a very picture heavy post, if anything to help anyone who may be interested in making one for themselves.
We also wanted a floating desk, an 8 foot long one no less. So we said Ok, time to build one.
Right now it’s back to normal only now she discovered that the filing cabinets are magnetic and there are copious amounts of Valentines magnets all over them. I may just have to try this for my crafts table I’m looking to make for our basement.
I saw a post the other day where someone had spent the money to put up glass tile in their laundry room. Not cheap but a great one off design – but it just goes to show that with a bit of imagination there is no limit to the colour combinations. Undermount sinks also increase counter space and give you more choices about where to place your faucet. At first I was appalled that someone would spend that much money on a _laundry room_ then I though about how much time I spent in mine and realized that I really should be putting in a fantastic media system, maybe a hot tub, definitely a beer tap… I’ve had it all wrong all these years!!
Grab those cute storage bins to put in the 4 or 5 divided sections intended for books that may solve your dilemma on the plastic tower to the left!

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