Usage: This is a super thin, super fast setting CA, typically used for sufaces which do not need any crack filling.
Hygeia EnDeare Hospital-Grade Breast Pump electric double-pump system is made for those who must pump frequently, and for longer periods of time. Acrylic PrintsUsing a combination of specially selected materials and our skilled craftsmen, our HD Acrylics are truely unique and designed to bring out the best colour rendition & sharpness possible.
The 2mm HD Acrylic is inset into a precision cut aluminium moulding creating a stylish  box frame with exceptional image clarity. For those of you who are unfamiliar with washi tape… Washi tape is a decorative tape, made from rice paper, that originated in Japan.
Amy and her publishers at Workman were kind enough to let me share one of the projects from the book for you. Thank you to Amy Anderson and Workman for allowing us to share this project with our readers.
If you have time, I would love for you to come and share this post over at the Really Crafty link party that is live right now! What a brilliant way to use what you have (and we all know we have too much washi tape laying round at least I do!!). Features include audio playback recording system to personalize your experience and customized speed and pressure controls. I created this site so that you can find the latest and greatest products, services, clothing and surgical options – anything and everything related to your breast health and well-being.

Bonded using the finest UK made fine art adhesive your images are fully UV protected & sealed to last a lifetime. Washi tape seems to be slightly less adhesive than other types of tape, which makes it easy to peel up and reposition. I’d have to dig out a tape roll from a large drawer and then fumble with it to find the end of the tape.
Press strips of washi tape vertically or horizontally across the outside of the box, covering it completely. Apply three evenly spaced adhesive Velcro dots across the inside of the box flap, with their matches aligned below the serrated edge to close the box.
Project is copyright of Washi Tape Crafts: 110 Ways to Decorate Just About Anything by Amy Anderson, published by Workman. I swear I have washi tape roles just about everywhere, Im going to have to make one of these asap!
I buy my vitamins from Andrew Lessman and they come in a huge plastic container which is where I store my Washi Tape. This post was so popular at our Wonderful Wednesday party last week that it will be featured on the next one (we go live Tues evenings 7pm ET) Congrats! Visit my store and discover the super supportive items that have earned The Breast Life Seal of Approval. Filled with 110 washi tape projects, the book is a dream come true for anyone who is looking for a creative way to play with washi tape, or for an inexpensive way to decorate just about anything in their house.

If you are working on a washi project that you want to be permanent, you can seal the tape with a variety of different types of sealers including mod podge and clear nail polish.
Pull the washi tape out and fold it over the serrated lip, so you can trim the tape as you dispense it.
This is a much better way to store all of them and we are almost out of aluminum foil so I can use the box. The first person to ever comment on a post on my site (who wasn’t related to me) was Amy Anderson. Over the past few years, washi has become very popular with crafters, because of the wide variety of designs that it’s offered in, because it’s a fairly inexpensive way to make a big impact and because its so gosh darn fun! You can store your washi and easily tear off a piece—oh, and the storage looks great on a desktop.
I’d been a fan of hers for awhile, so having her comment on one of my posts basically made my life.
Perfect for those who are new to washi tape to start your collection, or for those of us who have been collecting for awhile, to feed our addiction!

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