An acrylic floor finish is utilized on such floors that are made of quarry tile, sealed wood terrazzo, brick, flagstone, concrete, rubber, asphalt, vinyl composition or just vinyl. Maintenance is rather costly of these kinds of floors covered with an acrylic floor finish, as well as time consuming.
An acrylic floor finish is fine if you are up to doing that much constant work on your floors to get them to stay clean and gleaming well. Silikal is composed of methacrylate resins for patch repair, and they then have created enhanced MMA that puts out a tremendously beautiful finish on floors in the above stated facilities as well as offices and office parks, auditoriums, and actually any industry whose floors need the vast protection that Silikal can bring to them.
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Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. When considering a floor coating, epoxy flooring is the most popular seamless flooring system in both the commercial and industrial markets. Epoxy coatings come in a number of colors and different textures like high gloss, orange peel or flat finish. When an acrylic floor finish is used to call forth high initial gloss, as well as durability after it is put on the floor, then the user will use what is known as spray buffing.

At various times, the floor must be completely stripped as the acrylic tends to turn yellow after so many uses. However, much less work along with much less time invested in floors is yours with the use of Silikal.
Interestingly enough, Silikal can be laid on any substrate floor and it will work the same, providing more than a lifetime of high impact resistance as needed, along with a totally seamless installation that positively will not encourage any mold or bacteria since in actuality it is totally non porous.
An epoxy coating consist of a polymer and co-polymer (or a resin and hardener) that when properly mixed together, permanently crosslink and change from a liquid to a solid, very similar to a hard piece of plastic.
Epoxy coatings can be water based, solvent borne or 100% solid allowing epoxy floors to be installed with little or no VOC's (volatile organic content) for installations in facilities where people, product and food stuffs are present without fear of odor contamination or disruption to production in nearby areas.Epoxy coatings are sometimes loaded with fillers such as sand, colored quartz, paint chips, glitter and other innovative ideas to produce decorative effects or to simply beef up the coating thickness. Once stripped, it has to be allowed to completely dry, followed by a good liberal coating of the finish.
Because this type of flooring is best suited for a commercial projects that needs an anti slip flooring, various anti slip levels can be achieved. Since it is applied as a fluid liquid and then hardens, it is seamless and is often referred to as "Seamless flooring", an ideal floor for laboratories, clean rooms, rest rooms and kitchens, as there are no places for dirt, germs and bacteria to hide. Certain epoxy coatings are engineered to harden at substantial thicknesses making them excellent for repairing damaged floors.If epoxies have a disadvantage, it is that they become extremely hard and continue to harden over the life of the coating. However, no matter what, the maintenance program calls for damp mopping always followed by spray buffing with some kind of speed buffing machinery.
As you can see, even safety is considered high on the list of advantages that can be gotten through the use of Silikal.

Epoxy offers several advantages as a floor coating, the most important being epoxy's natural adhesive properties that allow it to form a tenacious bond to properly prepared concrete.
While hardness may seem like a desirable characteristic, epoxy coatings are very easy to scratch and chip.
Chances are great that you have seen them in the hallways of various high traffic areas, as they are commonly utilized in schools, supermarkets, food service facilities, hospitals, malls and department stores. Even customers considering a urethane or other coating as their final wear surface may select epoxy as the primer due to its great adhesive properties.
Just regular foot traffic on an epoxy floor produces millions of micro abrasions dulling and clouding the finish causing the floor to look prematurely old and worn. For that reason, most customers and architects choose to topcoat epoxy with a more abrasion resistant material such as urethane to maximize the image and life of the floor.Although epoxy is the most popular seamless floors we install, beware of a "one size fits all" flooring material. Hoboken Floor Refinishing works closely with our clients to select a flooring system to meet their individual needs based on their specific environment.

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