In all fairness, though, we have been looking for a back-splash for our kitchen for some time now.
I just installed these in our 1998 Damon Deacon in January in Syracuse, NY, with very cold outside temps. Yes, you can apply our tiles in your motorhome, just make sure that the installation is done at a warm regular room temperature (18+ Celcius) on a surface that is properly cleaned with TSP without leaving any dirt or grease behind. I have seen a lot of great ideas popping up on the Internet, but from an affordability and organisation point of view this is one of the best. This quick cupboard door modification will leave you with more time to enjoy cooking dinner and sipping wine and less time searching for that elusive pan lid that's hidden itself inside your deepest stock pot or slipped down behind that slow cooker you've never used. Things you may want to consider are whether the bottom one will stick out too far into your cupboard and interfere with objects sitting on the bottom shelf. When you think you've got a good layout, hold a pan lid up against the cupboard door and draw a mark in pencil at the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock.
Your local Builders Warehouse store have a selection of self-adhesive hooks that you could use for this project.
It’s cold outside, we are dying to go camping, but instead we end up at the annual RV show in our area. Not to be sexist, but unless you spent the better part of your childhood cutting out Barbie paper dolls, you will suck at this and make an unholy mess of this project.

If you draw them too close to 3 and 9 it will fall out, if you draw them too close to 5 and 7 it might not be so stable.
I almost waited until the next day to start, but that is just not my style!We (I, let’s be real here) began by removing the wallpaper border on the wall we were working on.
Have since turned it off and on a couple times while doing renos and they’ve stayed on very well.
If you had a grease fire or something catches fire while cooking it would melt those tiles in a second. Just wondering, have you had any issues with them behind your propane stove top such as melting or just overheating in general?
For an exposed edge you could consider using a sharp utility knife along a straight edge to ensure a finished looking edge. My concern is since the TT is not “climate controlled” all year round, will these fall off with extreme temp changes?? I measured twice, then carefully peeled the backing away and when placing the tiles worked them up from the bottom up. I noticed on the brochure they recommended not installing behind a range, but perhaps propane is different? As we walked the length and breadth of our local arena, I kept noticing that all the 2013 models had this awesome glass tile in the kitchens.

At $9 a sheet (We purchased 12,whoa), these are not cheap, but the results will astound you.
I suppose if you couldn’t get it off, this product would cover right over the wallpaper, but as you will see, a super-smooth surface is best. The Smart Tiles are peel and stick and do allow for removing and re positioning,if necessary. I worked from left to right, bottom to top, cutting when needed with a sharp pair of scissors.
This project probably took all of an hour, but most of that was spent with me just staring at my handiwork like an idiot. Smart Tiles clean with a damp cloth, come in a range of colors and are the perfect solution for RVs. Enjoy!

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