Decorative Films, LLC Manufacturers and Distributes SOLYX® Decorative Privacy Window Films. Through research, creative exploration and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs we design window films of the highest quality and variation in design. The perfect application for Conference Rooms, Lobbies, Retail Environments, Residential Settings, Private Offices, Glass Partitions, and wherever there is a need for Decorative Privacy.
With so many films to choose from, you may have a tough time selecting the film design that’s just right for your project.
We’re happy to send up to five samples for you to keep to help you with this important decision. The GLASt Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($27.99) takes screen protectors to a whole new level.
The protector is a high grade tempered glass, with a silicone adhesive and has tremendous anti-shatter properties.
I found the GLASt fairly simple to apply, although aligning the screen accurately around the camera and button on the front without the screen adhering prematurely to the phone was a challenge. The kit also comes with Epoxy coated buttons in black, green and pink to further personalise your device.
Glass garden art flowers are made from used or recycled glass and metal dishes, plates, cups, pickle dishes and more.
Some links go to shops via my affiliate accounts (like Amazon) or other websites (like eBay) where I have been paid to write a blog or article. While you can assemble them with a good, waterproof adhesive (more on this below), I find it’s best to also drill through the plates and secure them with wire.
You’ll probably want to start watching at yard sales or thrift stores for suitable dishes so you can make several flowers all at once. These instructions will show you how to create glass garden flowers from start to finish, including a video showing how to drill through glass. You can mount the flowers on wooden posts as I’ve done here, use rebar or pipes, or simply hang them on a wall or fence. Plus, as soon as you are confident that you can indeed drill holes in all sorts of used kitchen items, the entire key to the garden art kingdom is yours.
Used kitchen glassware and metal plates, bowls, serving dishes, votive candle holders…. For the flowers you see here, I used clear and blue glass plates plus some small metal serving dishes.

If you want to make several flowers to group together, you might want to pick a colour theme (blues, reds, greens, or simply all bold colours or pastels).
After about ten seconds, slowly move the drill (while you’re drilling) to a 90-degree angle, directly over the hole.
As you drill it will look like little clouds of smoke are moving in the water around the hole. Usually after a minute or two , the drill bit will suddenly plunge through the plate when the hole is done (be prepared). Place some silicone sealant wherever the plates will be touching each other to keep the pieces from rubbing too tightly together. You can also attach a copper pipe end cap to the back of the flower (using the same silicone sealant as adhesive). Connect with Melissa here at Empress of Dirt, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I haven’t tried drilling glass yet, but you make it look and sound easy, so I need to check the drill bits and give it a try.
Can’t understand why you are using a wire and washer, a large glass bead would look a lot better, also you can use hose washers between the glass to keep them from touching and not use glue. I want to drill a hole in a glass bottle and I assume it would use about the same procedure but I want the edges to be smooth so what would I sand the hole with, just regular sand paper? For drilling a glass bottle, the trick will be to figure out a setup that keeps the bottle really steady while drilling. Things like packing tape, stickers from price tags, advertisement labels, packing glue, masking tape, and more can leave a nasty sticky substance behind. SOLYX® Films are available in a large variety of textures and designs at a fraction cost of laminated panels, patterned or sand blasted glass. This way, you’ll be able to place the samples side by side, compare, and make the best choice for your specific needs before ordering. The GLASt comes with a workshop of extras to get the best result possible, including a alcohol swab to prepare your phone, a micro fibre cloth, and bubble squashing squeegee. Great finish, and barely-there appearance whilst giving the all-important shatter protection needed. Tapscape is also a leading reviewer of the latest in apps for both iOS and Android devices, with over 2000 apps reviewed to date. They are easy to assemble: the dishes are arranged in layers, with the largest plates forming the back of the flower (to appear as petals), and the smallest ones at the front (like the flower pistols).

This way the dish flowers can stay in the garden throughout the seasons without the risk of falling apart. I have also provided instructions for other glass garden art projects here, so if something doesn’t work for one creation, it will probably find use in another. There’s lots more garden art that can be made once you know you can drill dishes and teacups! I haven’t been through every link yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ones I have gone to. Go with the flow, think outside the box, and most importantly – just do what you love to do! Just click on the product you have an interest in, scroll down on the page and click “Add Sample to Cart”.
You’ll be able to sand the outer rims of the hole but perhaps not the inner edges (depending on how thick the glass is).
Favourite topics include repurposed DIY projects and tutorials, organic gardening, creative garden ideas, debt-free living, nature (what more is there?), and sustainable living—all with a dash of humour and side order of freshly-grown salad greens.
These methods or adhesive removal products can remove things like crayons, tar, grease and gum. Alternately you could use a two-hole metal button at the center of your flower to hold the wire in place.
You may need to experiment with some of these to find the correct one to remove the adhesive. Try to use the least harmful product first and work your way to chemical solvents when all else fails. You take the game disc out to play it and there is a giant scratch going through the "read" side of the disc. The scratch or scratches on the game disc are preventing the console from reading the game.
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