Colored Glass Beads – Found at the Dollar Store for, you guessed it, $1 for each bag of colored glass. Outdoor solar light – Found at Wal-Mart for $1.97 it was the simplest one, not a fancier decorative one.
One look in any of the industry trades and you'll see a lot of ads for various teleprompters from $899 to $1500. I needed to do stand-ups for a low budget infomercial and a prompter person wasn't available near where I needed to do this. The second kind of prompter set-up involves the same principles as above but the box that encloses the set-up is eliminated and all you are left with is a monitor with a mirror hinged on one side sort of like how a book opens. You can use anything from sheet metal to more rigid steel for the enclosure just as long as it will make a ridged box capable of holding the glass. After cutting the metal pieces to the appropriate size necessary to create a box that will fit around the monitor (I used a Dremel tool with a cut off wheel to cut the metal), I needed a way to attach the two sides of the box to the top piece. Next, I lined the side panels up to the top panel, marked the hole location and drilled out the two holes in each side panel. Above: The side of the monitor showing the holes I drilled and the nuts inside of the monitor case.
Above: The attached L bracket with the additional stopper at the bottom and velcro on the track where the glass will rest.
And for the final touch I needed something to prevent light from spilling into the box from the camera side. In my scenario I only needed it to sit in front of the camera so I went with the free sanding method. Such a project will cost you about $50 in materials, at least $100 for a monitor and $50 for the glass. Next, I'll show you how to make a 15 inch version with a cool V- shape design that folds itself into the monitor face for easy transport. Hancock Fabrics sells multi packs with 2 little tubes of e6000 and 2 tubes quick grip for about 4 bucks. Two adhesives I love are Beacon Quick Grip, a great glue that dries fast and clear and is permanent. Also note that although glue dots seem easy, they are an absolute nightmare to use with children. I'm thinking of making colorful arts and crafts as a promotional product for our summer creative program and these are great tools to jump start this project. After hiring perth furniture removals and seeing all my furniture, I realized, why not have a DIY project of a small furniture like a mini bookshelf? Our office recently bought new office materials for our new operations room and i used mini glue gun in customizing my workspace because its easier to use rather than tacky glue.I remember we started canvassing office furniture online last month and we found office furniture for sale long island which is perfect for our company.
I suggest that you should also include pocket folder for your basic craft necessities, ,ay it be outside or inside your home.
I am tasked in repairing direct office furniture and with your list I think that it made my job easier.
Thinking of the extra cost involved in getting someone, and knowing how I've been a one-man-band all along on this reduced budget project, I decided that adding the job of prompter operator to my list of self-executed positions wasn't going to break the bank.
But since I was doing single person stand-ups I realized that the 7 inch monitor I have laying around would make a great monitor for my needs. The traditional set-up's basically a box with a monitor that lies with the screen facing up.
In my case I used 16 gauge steel, a thin but sturdy steel that you can purchase in small sheets at hardware stores such as the Home Depot.
I cut pieces of aluminum L shaped metal and riveted these brackets to what would become the top panel of the box.

You are looking at the inside of the top piece of the box frame with screw glued and all painted.
There are a number of ways I could have attached the three sided box to the monitor such as creating a bracket the monitor rested in or by using using velcro.
I used more of the L bracket and attached a piece to either side of the inside of the sides of the prompter box with rivets making a tray the glass could lay in. Notice the reflection of the computer monitor and keyboard in what is the mirrored side of the glass.
If you don't stop the light from being seen by the talent it washes out the reflected lettering on the glass. As the pictures below showed, I took a six inch Matthews plate and placed the stud into a grip knuckle attached to a stand. It's an inexpensive solution to purchasing a prompter, as long as you are handy and like building things.
Similar concept to the tape runners, only in smaller sizes instead of a continuous piece of tape. I like to get those because unless I'm gluing a lot at once it eliminates the need to cut the e6000 open later. It dries nice and hard, doesn't wrinkle paper, and I love using it to put dimensional clear accents on paper crafts. All these glues and adhesives are easily found locally and have been good products through out the years.
This means that if you set it on something for a long period of time, it can get stuck and wreck whatever it's touching. I love most all of these but the best ever 3D paper crafting glue is the Scotch Quick Dry glue with the fine tip applicator. We tried to use them in our sunday school class and as it turns out, they stick to everything!
Can hold up a full size mirror from mirror shops brisbane in a custom wooden frame if you choose to do so. I also use some recyclable materials in redesigning some of my modern furniture los angeles to make it look more fun and lively. You could make some experiments on design you wanted to produce, and in the end it'll all turn out to be good. In case you are interested you can purchase a 7 inch LCD monitor for a bit over $100 these days. A 45 degree piece of glass (slightly coated with a mirror-like surface) reflects the monitors image to anyone standing in front of the lens.
I've seen folks make hinged-type boxes but I decided on a simple but effective way, using wing screws which I could screw the box together with.
Notice how this glue expands to three times its size engulfing he screw like it's been welded.
Since I will use this configuration in the future, I decided to do the same thing to the monitor that I did to the top panel, drill holes and glue nuts inside so I could easily screw the side panels to it.
The glass I used is a piece of glass that has a minor reflective coating on it one side (like one way mirror but not such a mirror and not so dark). I also attached a small piece to the bottom of the bracket to act as a stop so the glass would not slide down.
Prompter people use a simple method of attaching the sticky side of Velcro all the way around the inside of the box on the lens side, then using a piece of black material simply stick it to all sides. Simply because you can glue things together without every cutting anything and make a masterpiece. That should explain why they aren't a great adhesive - if you have craft with children, you need something that is not permanent and is washable.

It will expand and smoosh out of the joint you were trying to seal looking like some kind of escaping yellow caterpillar.
I think it is worth mentioning that only a few of them are acid free for scrapbooking and paper crafting needs.
I tried all of my favorite glues 1st and some others but this is positively the best for the 3D papercrafting projects.
The e6000 is my favorite glue ever because I figure skate and that's what we all use to glue rhinestones to our dresses.
Glue the glass beads on using the Glass & Bead Adhesive (Aleene’s) It is nice and tacky, but I found I needed to wait at least 30 minutes before I turned the jar and did another side. Keep in mind that you don't need high rez of super color rendition as a prompter plays in black and white, so any inexpensive monitor from a 7 inch like I used to a 15 inch computer monitor that costs $150 will work fine.
Since my standup's will be outside, I prefer the older style box enclosure as it creates a dark area around the monitor.
I used a textured paint and baked it on by painting the final assembly, then placing it in an oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes. This would allow me to use the monitor on it's own when I needed and as a prompter monitor. I put a small clear rubber stopper on the back of the tray and added the softer side of velcro strips to the bottom of the tack so the glass had something to rest on. Since my monitor has a Anton Bauer fitting and battery I simply added a piece of velcro to the top of the plate and the battery and used four small bungies for extra support.
Although you might have to cut your tube open at some point - it's difficult to keep the top from clogging.
My only memories of needing super glue are in the 90s - if a plastic piece of a stereo or VCR broke off.
I always use a regular spray sealant after any mod podge project, to be sure it's protected.
You can glue paper to glass without it looking foggy or discolored, you can glue to metal, you can even use this to fill a jewelry pendant or something; like for instance, put decorative paper in a bottle cap, add shells, beads, sand, buttons, ect and then fill with diamond glaze.
I would now recommend you spray the inside of the jar or lightly sand the outside to give it a frosted look and also use an adhesive made for glass. Remember in the end, it has to hold a piece of glass so don't go too thin, like sheet metal. The following visual presentation is not the actual L bracket but done after the fact so I could show you how it is done. I simply asked to see what varieties they had and found one that cut down light the least, while offering a slightly reflective surface so the monitor could be seen by the reader. There are many more ways of making a freestanding adaptor and if need be a metal or wooden riser so it can be attached to the front of the camera and tripod. I used to use some of the choices listed up above but I no longer have them since I found this adhesive company. Dries clear, holds just about anything to anything else, super useful, and I can get it for $1.25 a tube at the dollar store. Helmar has a product for this called Zap Dots and they do not come apart from projects like others I have used that loose their adhesive over time.

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