The kit lasts for 2 complete applications and it comes with 3 bottles (brush-on gel, brush-on activator and brush cleanser), 48 short length tips and a massive nail file.
Apply the tips on the nails like normal stick-on fake nails; file to level them with the surface of your ┬ánail. Unlike many other gel nail manicures, the Broadway Nails kit doesn’t require UV lights. I may pick this up next time I’m in the UK tho, I wonder how good durability will be!
Thanks for posting this I had the same problem and saw your comment, they dried in a minute and look great now! Ever since the whole gel nails mania started I wanted to have mine done, but never really made the effort. Before moving on to the next nail, dip the brush back into the cleanser, then dip it into the activator to start a new nail.

I get my nails done with gelish, they do use UV but i dont find it really damages the nail, it only costs 15 euro each time and it lasts for 2-3 weeks so altho the colour range in my salon is limited I cant really moan. I followed the instructions carefully, but after I finished, my nails still ended up feeling slightly tacky to the touch.
So when I spotted the Broadway Nails Real Life Brush-On Gel Nail Kit (phew!) I thought I’d give it a try.
I decided to use the brush-on gel and the activator on my own nails because they were long enough naturally, so I didn’t need to do the whole fake nails application step. I do wish I would’ve done the same as you and just put a few layers over my natural nail though.
I’d never seen anything like this before in the high street, and it looked quite good.
After applying the gel and the activator twice, I waited for about 10 minutes for my nails to dry (they looked amazing without any nail varnish on; so shiny and smooth!), then I applied one coat of nail varnish and one coat of my favourite top coat.

So if you’re sensitive to smells, you may want to put on a little mask around your nose and mouth. I said something about if they feel tacky it’s because the Applicator gel didnt have enough Brush-On Gel to attach and dry to. So I went out on a limb and added another coat of the Brush-On gel, and about a minute later, my nails were dry, shiny, and looked like I just left the nail salon. Forget going to a salon and shelling out 30+ bucks for acrylic nails, I paid 10 bucks for this kit and Wal-Mart and was completely worth it!!!
Although most of them didn’t lift and I filed the seam down as much as possible, as directed, they still created quite a high ridge where the tips cover the nails.

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