Queens Auto Services provide quality and honest mechanical work to all our customers, we thrive to serve you better everyday. Providing auto repair services to businesses and other organizations can be a valuable source of volume sales and growth potential.
Employ Business to Business Marketing Principles – Marketing to businesses is quite different from marketing to consumers. Follow Business to Business Sales Methods – Business to business sales differs from business to consumer in that the factors that are important to success are not the same.
Deliver Quality Business to Business Service – Service delivery in business to business relationships is as important as the service itself. Provide Business Fleet Services Management – Servicing another company’s fleet can be beneficial in that a volume of maintenance work can earned from one client. Provide Services to Organizations and Their Members – Every organization looks for competitive advantages and ways to control costs. Get the latest tips and best practices for running your auto repair shop or tire shop with our monthly newsletter.

Emissions are basically chemicals in exhaust gases that are harmful to air quality, mainly carbon monixide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), and nitrogen oxides (NO). Come visit us at Dakota K Auto Repair and Tire Center for all of your automobile maintenance needs. The resources necessary to provide services will not vary much from those needed in the consumer market and by applying marketing, sales and service delivery methods geared for organizations a distinct market segment can be penetrated. As in any marketing effort the key is to deliver a message that conveys a benefit to the target audience and elicits a call to action.
A business manager’s focus will be on company to company relationships whereas an individual’s focus will be more at a personal level.
This is also true in consumer sales but activity is magnified and the perspective of a business is different. The retail adage that a small profit margin spread over a large volume of sales results in a large profit holds true in this situation. Businesses, churches, schools and all types of organizations have members that need their vehicles serviced.

Although the concerns of a consumer and a business regarding the service of their vehicles are similar the context within which they’re viewed is different. Securing business with organizations and their members can be a valuable source of volume business. Some engine designs–like rotary engines, for example–produce more of certain emissions than others.
And providing auto repair services to members of organizations is another source of potential business.

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