Insurance companies tend to point you toward what’s in their best financial interest. Have you ever experience a broken car windscreen to your car windows due to a stone or rock or unidentified object falling onto it while driving along roads or  Highway in Malaysia like this one when it was crossing the Penang Bridge on its way to Georgetown, Penang from Butterworth, Seberang Perai, Pulau Pinang?
Or have you experienced your car windows shattered and broken due to a grass cutter cutting grass by the road side like this one?
Or it is just your luck that your car parked at your favourite spot and someone just hit your window with a hammer or  a brick or  a helmet as they saw some interesting things of value in your car? Whatever the circumstances or causes of the cracked or broken car windscreen or breakage of glass window and windscreen together, you still need to replace and repair your windscreen and window. Windscreen replacement and repair can be costly depending on which one of the car window or windscreen is broken and what car model and what quality type of tampered glass it is made of.
The best solution is to insure your car windscreen when you renew your car insurance policy and road tax annually.
The insurance premium for windscreen cover is 15% of the cost of the windscreen excluding the cost of labour and tinted film. If your car is a BMW525I series and imported model with special tint, the windscreen cost is approimately RM4,000.

Well folks, if you can leverage on insurance policy to minimise your financial  pocket leakages like repairing and replacing  windscreen breakages when you send you precious car over to panel workshop for repair of windscreen by making an insurance claim, it will not cost you an arm and a leg or lose your No Claim Discount (NCD)entitlement. The windscreen repair and replacement insurance claim does not include the replacement of the rubber holders and bands unless it is specifically included in your policy endorsement. For insurance policy endorsement to include the tinted film cost besides the car windscreen repair and replacement cost, it has to be notified to and agreed by the insurer to include such coverage benefits.
When making a claim at panel workshop, most panel workshops appointed by the insurers are professionals and they can finish the job in less than an hour but you will have to take precaution not to expose your new car windscreen and the adhesive glue to water or rain for the next two to three hours for the glue setting and dry up.
If you are sending your car to a non-panel workshop, the insurer may require you to pay the cost of repair first from your own pocket and file the claim later. Note: Labour and windscreen charges can vary from town to town and depending on the availability of stocks.
If you need windscreen coverage, some of our panel insurers are rewarding you with free annual Road Ranger membership which entitled you to free car breakdown assistance and towing services up to RMXXX amount of benefits while you travel on the road throughout the country with peace of mind. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
This “medium drying” acrylic putty has a work time of 2 minutes and a sanding time of 20 minutes.

Dyna-Pro® Seam Sealer is a fast-skinning, permanently elastic, non-sagging formulation that is brushable and paintable. You were driving by to have your famous Chinese”dim sum”restaurant breakfast in Ipoh, Perak,  Malaysia? The car windscreen price can be determined by the expert of panel workshops specialised in windscreen repair and replacement business throughout the country in major towns.
Rubber holders and bands can be damaged during removal of the broken glasses or due to wear and tear and climate.
Provides excellent adhesion to bare metal or painted surfaces and is a non-staining, all-purpose autobody joint and seam sealer. When your insurance company asks you where you’re taking your car, tell them ACME Glass.

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