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With those kinds of numbers, there is obviously something for everyone, from the entertaining to the solidly instructive, plus plenty of quirks, niches, and the gratuitously not-ready-for-prime-time. High quality production, an extensive library of recipes, and an easily navigable website for recipe backup, YouTube cooking channels don’t get any better than Food Wishes. The video hosts of Delectable Planet want to see you eating lower on the food chain, and they encourage you with a chipper earnestness and not even  a hint of condescension. Ethnic cuisines, with their often unfamiliar ingredients, equipment, and techniques, can be especially well-served by the video format. The Japanese chef-host cooks and narrates while Francis the poodle provides French-accented English translations. The dizzying camera work and fast cuts of Maangchi’s Cooking Show make high drama of Korean home cooking. An 80-something Jewish bubbe (Yiddish for grandmother) prepares classic Jewish foods like brisket, kugel, and borscht, as the host of the wildly endearing Feed Me Bubbe. For classic French dishes and techniques, it doesn’t get any better than  Julia Child .
Think relaxed, witty, self-effacing, totally credible, at the top of your game—your true self, only better, like the Brits on Academy Award night. The opportunities are out there if you’re willing to regularly check industry websites, send out a bunch of applications, maybe toss in a little home video, and show up at open casting calls.
We seem to have an insatiable appetite for food shows, and it’s matched by the cable channels need for reliable, inexpensive programming. The people behind the quality Top Chef franchise are casting for a potential new Bravo series. There’s no cooking necessary for a new show featuring inventors and their food-related innovations. Kristina’s Fearless Kitchen will help the klutzy and inept get past their kitchen hangups.
Food Forward follows Bay Area-based food writer Stett Holbrook as he circles the country in a vintage Airstream trailer, introducing viewers to constituents of America’s good food movement.
Food Forward doesn’t dwell on the legion of ills associated with the industrial model of food production, leaving that to documentaries like Food, Inc.
Then there are those who find that they thrive on a sense of arousal; they crave the pulse-pounding, nail-biting adrenaline rush that comes from intense experiences.
The Gastronauts started meeting in NY about five years ago and just expanded to Los Angeles. Informal gastronaut groups and adventure supper clubs have popped up in cities around the world.
Once you get past the imprudence of introducing yet another single-use, disposable plastic item into the waste stream, it is easy to understand the product’s appeal, in a down-market kind of way. You’ve heard of rock and roll fantasy camps where aging boomers go to dust off their Dionysian rebel dreams and jam with classic rock legends.
Food Porn and the x-rated variety make use of the same visual language and techniques, full of provocative camera angles, exaggerated features, and saturated colors. The fetishists are all represented: the raw foodists, the bacon-worshipers, the cupcake-lovers, the kink of butchery, the puritanical vegans, and plenty of plain vanilla. Evidence suggests that tempting food imagery might actually serve as a deterrent to indulgence. Flickr has a vast repository of more than 300,000 photos submitted by members of its food porn group.
The Tumblr blog This Is Why You’re Fat celebrates the fatty, cheesy, greasy, meaty, and over-sized.
Midtown Lunch started by cataloging the inexpensive options available to midtown Manhattan’s rabid, ravenous office workers with no more than a lunch hour to spare. Following are some of my favorite internet sites documenting the entertainment value of food. You need to check a few websites to learn about open casting calls and applications for auditions. Bravo is casting for a spin-off from its Top Chef series of high-stakes culinary competitions. The Food Network is developing a series that is being billed as a culinary version of The Amazing Race.
If you are tall, dark, and handsome with serious kitchen skills, the producers of Way to the Heart are looking to play matchmaker.

To see how things have worked out for past cooking show alums, Reality Check can tell you where they are now.
For the generation that is more Epicurious than Joy of Cooking, the Food Network has launched an online alternative to the traditional cooking channel. Furniture Fix is a set of plastic strips you put under a worn out couch or chair to (supposedly) make it more comfortable.
I can’t tell you how many times I open my cabinet, only to be buried in an avalanche of spices.
Not to be confused with the Perfect Brownie, the Perfect Meatloaf Pan saves you from a greasy lump of mushy meat with revolutionary convection technology. I’ve watched this commercial several times and I still can’t figure out what makes this any different from every other ball.
A free As seen on TV logo vector, the graphic illustration is available to download in eps format.
Sure, there are times when you just want to gawk at an enormous-breasted women slicing ginger or the 11-year boy who will eat anything on a dare.
It’s the first place we go for a crash course in homemade mayonnaise or duck butchery, and a reliable source of inspiration when we want to pay homage to the foods of Provence, throw a Salvadorean-themed dinner party, or use up the too-many spring greens we bought at the farmers market. They cover the most basic of cooking basics (how to fry an egg, steam rice, or make English muffin pizzas in a toaster oven), and advance to the merely basic (roast a chicken, bake brownies).
The segments are loose and unscripted, the recipes lean toward hearty, homely, countrified dishes, and Dave’s grasp of the technology is shaky at best. The recipes vary from the somewhat dumbed-down and Americanized to wildly exotic and challenging.
Host Maangchi barely breaks a sweat while manhandling 10 pounds of cabbage for the kimchi segment, but you might need a nap afterward. The English-language version, Yellow Saffron, is no less authentic, but a lot easier to follow. Enlightening, entertaining, accessible, and undiminished by the years, her timeless PBS shows are finding a new audience and reconnecting with the old one on YouTube. You need to have a camera-ready prototype that involves any aspect of growing, processing, preparing, storing, serving, or disposing of food.
The Kristina of the show is the winner of an Oprah-sponsored host-your-own-cooking-show contest.
Starting out in northern California, he’s hitting the road for the summer, film crew, wife, and two small children in tow. In the meantime, you can follow the blog of the edible journey, currently traveling south through the Sierra foothills.
Psychologist Frank Farley coined the term Type T Personality —T for thrill-seeking—to describe people who enjoy panic-button experiences. For those of us who are non-T types, television shows like Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern, Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin, and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations give us conceptual consumption once removed. There are dining groups dedicated to offbeat specialties like offal or insects, but most of them organize more broadly appealing adventure meals in local restaurants.
Basically a lunchbox pudding cup with a stem, Le Froglet is a single-serve plastic goblet of French wine with a tear-off lid. The convenience and freedom of glass- and corkscrew-free portability even outweighs the less than stellar reviews received by the wines.
There are the fantasy sports camps, where 20 years and 40 pounds is never a barrier to living out big-league dreams. We understand that the imagery of food porn is a hyper-idealized version of what we go home to in the same way that we know that our romantic partners are not Penelope Cruz or Brad Pitt. New Scientist cited a study in which weight-conscious women were shown images of either food or flowers (under the guise of a memory test). Destined for glory, it dazzled the online food community by reaching 1.3 million page views on the day after its launch. Snapshots of styrofoam and foil-wrapped bundles, takeout containers and diner dishes are artfully assembled to create a daily collage. This is why Suki Sugiura, executive chef at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, began planning the January 17th Golden Globes dinner last summer.
Documenting the sad, silly, creepy, and inappropriate from the world of professional baking, the Cake Wrecks blog has more than one million followers on Twitter and was turned into a bestselling book. The network is looking for two-person teams who have some connection, knowledge or experience in the food industry.
Targeting the young and tech-savvy, Food2 blends traditional editorial formats, such as how-to video, with user-generated content.
Airing nationwide during California Wine Month, the show takes 12 contestants to Paso Robles along the Central Coast (the wine-growing region seen in the movie Sideways), where they compete in a series of wine-making elimination rounds.
Thankfully, the wonderful world of As Seen on TV lets you shop with almost no effort required.

If only someone would create a product that organizes all my herbs and spices in some sort of space age device. Blend up your ingredients and pop them in this baby and you’ll have a perfectly shaped (and already garnished) meat cake right out of the oven. She has been called a “dynamic, talented and unique voice in pop culture” by Ben Lyons of E! Robot' has really grown on meRecent CommentsAnne Rakowiecki on On the set with Johnny Deppjanny on Why does M. But he’s a natural cook and host, relaxed and affable, with genuine enthusiasm for the whole process.
We won’t be making over kitchens, egging on competitors, engaging in reality voyeurism, or bearing witness to stomach-churning displays of the gastronomically bizarre.
He will be introducing us to the new vanguard of food innovators; the producers, growers, chefs, farmers, scientists, community leaders, and teachers who are changing the way we eat. Instead, it explores themes like school lunches, urban agriculture, sustainable fishing, and pastured meats by celebrating the people who have succeeded in the creation of sustainable solutions.
We push the envelope because of the self-satisfaction we know we’ll feel once we have made it through the fear and anxiety. We get a vicarious thrill as we watch celebrities engage in extreme eating challenges, still collecting the experience but without the nasty taste in our own mouths.
You can find gastronauts groups in Boston and Brisbane, London has the Experimental Food Society,  San Francisco and Denver have their Adventure Clubs, and the Cross Species Adventure Club holds topically-themed dining events in Australia and the U.S. It’s the food-centric shows on television, which long gave up on practical instruction to focus on feats of performance and visual spectacle. And just like the bedroom variety, culinary porn is about voyeurism— the daring, exotic, and extreme may be watched by many but practiced by few.
When the women were offered a snack, those who had been shown a lushly-photographed chocolate cake were significantly more likely to opt for a healthy option than the flower group. Midtown has been joined by lower Manhattan and Philadelphia editions with more cities in the works.
While there are plenty of quirky, niche, and gratuitously not-ready-for-prime-time submissions, the bulk of the YouTube cooking videos are charmingly entertaining and solidly instructive. Currently casting for Los Angeles-based teams, the series plans to showcase different cities in future seasons.
They work the harvest, the crush, staff a wine tasting bar, and demonstrate their wine smarts in a Q&A round. Everyone is familiar with the Shake Weight and Snuggie, but here are a few other items to ask Santa for this Holiday season. In addition to holding up cinderblocks and making old ladies sit up straight, Furniture Fix can also come in handy when you’re hosting meetings for your Sumo wrestling club. They’re made from the same material as sweat pants, but they’re painted to look like jeans, creating an optical illusion that will fool everyone into thinking you’re a part of society.
Sobakawa builds on “Asian traditions” of Styrofoam and synthetic fibers to give you the rest you deserve.
I don’t usually eat beef, but if I could be as happy as the girl in the green shirt, maybe I’d start. I can’t help but feel bad the grandkid somewhere who woke up to find a Fushigi instead of Call of Duty under the tree Christmas morning. This is a collaboration between the Cooking Channel and Good Housekeeping magazine, and they are looking for the big personality and an individual who has conquered weight issues through healthy cooking and eating. Each episode will showcase rural farmers, urban homesteaders, food festivals, and heroes of the DIY movement. As counterintuitive as it seems, researchers believe that tempting food images can actually heighten self-control in a dieter, strengthening their resolve to make healthy choices. Relax the production standards, take away the preening celebrity chefs, and you could be watching the Food Network.
The last wine maker standing wins the opportunity to launch a wine label with 150,000 bottle production. After watching the woman in this commercial fuss and struggle with one of those silly old fashioned blankets, we can thank our lucky stars that some genius thought to bring us this adult onesie with a Bugs Bunny style trap door in the back so you never have to take it off. Just ask the semi-racist caricature of an Asian woman who’s off in dreamland thanks to this miracle in sleep technology. This commercial is also great because it features one of the best “scientific” experiments in the As Seen on TV world: the 10lb weight egg drop. The most disturbing part of this product is that it’s billed as “The last pillow you’ll ever need.” You will have this pillow for the rest of your life and, when you die, they’ll bury you with it.

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