Laser Bond USA is the  amazing liquid plastic that fixes, fills, fastens and seals virtually anything. The secret is the powerful liquid plastic compound that hardens strong as a rock under ultra-violet light.
The best part is that Lazer Bond is made in the USA, and guaranteed to hold tight or your money back. Order Lazer Bond now and your order will be doubled — 2 Laser Bonds and 2 carrying cases for only $19.99 with FREE shipping.
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Liquid Plastic Welder Works Where Glue Fails!Repair glasses and jewelry, insulate low-voltage wires, fix leaky pipes, and much more!
UV Light Fix Description: Fix, fill, repair and seal virtually anything in 5 seconds or less with this pen.
Lazer Bond is an “As Seen on TV” plastic resin that hardens in seconds using an attached UV light, which bonds to almost any surface and can hold up to 350 lbs.
To use Lazer Bond, all you have to do is apply the resin and activate the attached UV light, which will create a permanent bond in just 3 seconds that’s capable of supporting up to 350 pounds. When it comes down to it though, will Lazer Bond really pay for itself after just one use, or will it end up a bust? Lazer Bond didn’t have any online customer reviews available (more about this next) that could be used to gauge its efficacy, although this weight limit is often claimed by other similar products. Keep in mind though, that other bonding agents don’t provide the ability to form new pieces (such as the key ring shown in the Lazer Bond commercial), which might give it some advantages over traditional bonding agents. Despite this advantage, keep in mind that any repair you make using Lazer Bond will not be neat and clean. For example, the Lazer Bond commercial shows the resin being applied to a pair of eyeglasses, as well as to a wood table with a deep gouge in it. In other words, while Lazer Bond may help repair everyday items to return their functionality, the results probably won’t be pretty. Lazer Bond was a very new product at the time of our research (URL registered April 2015) and didn’t have any online customer reviews available.

However, Lazer Bond is manufactured by Telebrands, who also makes many other popular ASOTV products, including Mighty Blaster, Ankle Genie, and Grassology. Granted, you may not experience the same with Lazer Bond, although it might be something you’ll want to keep in the back of your mind.
With this said, in order to request a refund, you’ll need to contact customer service at 855-668-1655.
Chopping to the point: Although Telebrands might want you to think otherwise, UV-activate liquid plastic resin is fairly commonplace, and you might even be able to find an option or two at your local hardware store or home improvement center. I did try to bond some parts together, it holds but not sure how it will bond over the years.
I've used the product 4 - 5 times in differing situations and found, as long as the directions are followed, it is far and away better than anything else similar (in my view). I was curious and I splurged and bought one to repair my millions of reading glasses (that are made to NOT last) and to repair a Michael Kors leather flat that had opened at the toe. Bright white led lights, up to 100 hours of light on a single set of batteries.An enjoy bright white light wherever you need it fast, easy, and without tools. This LED lights install in seconds just about anywhere you need light.It is also great for closets, Storage Rooms, Crawl Spaces, Tool Box, Boats, Trunks, Bicycles, hiking and so much more. Since it only hardens with the UV light, you can reposition as much as necessary without worry.
Purchasing through these links helps support As Seen On TV Video, and never costs you extra. 5 Second Fix is a super powered liquid plastic welding compound that you can use to quickly and easily make permanent seals and repairs.
Openness Opened platform allows any manufacturer of car terminal to join the Android alliance.Its openness will attract more and more developers. According to the manufacturer, this means you’ll be able to fix broken glasses, leaky pipes, and just about anything else. On top of this, because Lazer Bond is claimed to never harden in the container, you’ll be able to use every last drop. In both instances though (although the camera immediately pans away), the resin is clearly raised off the surface, creating a somewhat unsightly appearance.

And among more than 290 HighYa reader reviews for these products, they had an average rating of 1.5 stars, with common complaints citing failure to work as advertised, poor quality, and difficult customer service experiences. Fixed my wife's coffee mug and it worked great for a short time except when she was holding a hot cup of coffee in bed one morning and the handle came off spilling coffee all over her and the bed.
Watch the video to how a boat is cut in half, then repaired with Lazer Bond to be safe and watertight once more.
I store my pen in a dark place; obviously sunlight (even reflected) may activate the resin. I started off with a little bit on both arms, just to tack it in place and then layered over and over. Information source can be camera, video, VCD, DVD, LD, TV and so on; Clear picture without flicker and distortion 4. Used the UV light for probably 5 minutes around and around to make sure everything was solid.
I think it is pretty clear that to activate, the UV light needs to penetrate all of the resin.
Think I'll try a hard setting glue inside and use the Lazer Bond on the outside to hold it while the inner epoxy hardens. Pulling the clip forward, putting the earring on and closing the clip which is pretty rigid worked perfectly and stayed together. Just be patient when using the UV light, making sure to cover the entire area and it will work for you.
If I had to wear them in public the amount of glue I had to use to keep them secure would be very embarrassing. The long, very slender applicator is great for also getting the glue on small or deep areas.

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