The delivery date of your order depends on when the order leaves our warehouse, the destination address for the item and the shipping method. Review: This stretchy creation station will get your kids looming in every color of the rainbow. Jessie Veith Rouleau (58 Posts)Jessie Veith Rouleau is a full-time mom with two kids, Sam, 3, and Mia 2. We’ve checked out some great As Seen on TV toys that will keep your kids entertained, no matter what the weather is outside. The starter kit comes with 1 Fun Loom Station, 1 Loom Hook, 600 Colorful Bands, 25 C-clips and an easy to follow how-to guide.

My son’s school has one in the classroom for large motor exercise and the kids just love it.
This might be the perfect way to spend some downtime whether you’re traveling with children or relaxing at home.
It has an online recorder to connect families and allows parents that travel for business to leave special messages for their child no matter where they are. When she’s not pushing strollers, buckling car seats, washing hands, and reading stories, she’s writing about the products that help make mom’s day a little bit easier. Sure, it’s nice to have some down time with no alarm clocks and homework checks, but when the moping starts, pull out these boredom busters and they’ll be occupied for hours.

It’s low to the ground, has rounded edges and easy grip handles—what a great way to get the afternoon jitters out!
Pezo’s plush teddy bear has a built in speaker, voice recorder, MP3, and is pre-loaded with over 24 hours of entertainment, including over 100 children’s stories and hours of music.
Plus, they are super stretchy for easy to wear necklaces, bracelets, rings, key chains, hair ties and more.

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