As Seen on TV Outlet Stores retails in all those items which are promoted as "exclusive" tv offers.
Bed Bath & Beyond is a home furnishings "super-store" offering one of the largest selection of products for your home, at everyday low prices.
As Seen On TV carries hundreds of products shown on television commercials and infomercials. Shoppers can buy products off the shelves, eliminating shipping and handling charges, delivery waits and the necessity of revealing credit card numbers over the phone.

Never able to stay up late enough to see the infomercials or you just do not feel like picking up a phone and ordering?
As Seen on TV stores sells hundreds of items which are advertised on tv and not sold in regular stores including the Grill Daddy Pro, the Point and Paint and the Ab Rocket. With tons of fun and specialty items, you are sure to find something useful on the shelves of these stores. And hey, where else can you get foam slippers and the Quick Chop besides an As Seen on TV outlet store?

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